‘TEC is the perfect platform for my work. There’s a moment of exhilaration while working with my members when impossible turns into possible; when hopeless becomes hopeful – those exquisite moments only happen in a most privileged and trusted space. Everyone contributes, collaborates and supports each other.’

Tony Watt knows what makes a successful organisation and CEO tick. He’s spent more than three decades leading large teams of people during a successful career in the education sector.

Navigating complex interpersonal relationships and delicate scenarios are Tony’s specialty. He brings his honed skills and expertise of culture and leadership development traits to his TEC mentoring group, helping other CEOs and business leaders to develop both personally and professionally.

Beyond his experience as a CEO and consultant, Tony is an in-demand national circuit speaker and media commentator. His specialised areas of interest include cultural and organisational change, as well as executive team development.

Since launching The Culture Doctor in 2009, Tony’s role as a workplace culture consultant sees him liaise closely with senior executives across many industries. He’s successfully delivered change management programs to scores of businesses including local government bodies, professional services firms as well as blue-collar companies. His other career highlights include:

  • Awarded a doctorate of by The University of Queensland on the sociology of change
  • Accredited facilitator: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Workshop
  • Held Principalship for 23 years of both primary and secondary schools throughout Queensland
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