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TEC stretches leaders to grow, providing inspiration and innovation from world-class thought leaders and experienced, diverse executives. We blend a dynamic group setting with one-to-one mentoring to keep leaders at the forefront of their industry. Our promise is to help our members outperform the competition through enhanced leadership, strategic focus, and practical solutions. The race for excellence has no finish line. That’s why continuous learning and powerful speakers are a cornerstone of our success.

Members tell us they value

Establish connections
Connect with business peers

Successful business leaders from non-competing industries exchange information, ideas, and tips for betterment in a trusted peer advisory group.

Diverse thinking
challenge and solve decision making

Leaders from diverse industries converge to inspire, test, and stretch their thinking. Members learn from both the successes and mistakes of others.

Focus on business
executive mentoring and coaching

Successful business leaders from non-competing industries exchange information, ideas, and tips for betterment in a trusted peer advisory group.

Success Advocates
peer group success advocates

Egos and agendas are left at the door. TEC is a safe environment to be candid and honest, knowing the only agenda is the success of our Members.

From day one, TEC offered me the opportunity to build my local knowledge, grow a network of like-minded peers and seek advice to support the growth of our global company.

Julian Perry
CEO, Wine-Searcher, Auckland, New Zealand

I’ve spent my career facilitating success both within business and community organisations. As a TEC Chair I continue to see examples of great agility and increased confidence in managing change.

Andrew Dick
TEC Chair, Melbourne

Joining TEC in the early stages of our business was great. It gave me access to a peer advisory group, and high-quality speakers who helped me develop my leadership style, which was a little rough around the edges in the beginning.

James Kemp
CEO, Amicus, Sydney

Strong bonds are formed within TEC and I'm in awe when members share that aside from family, there's no other group they are part of where they can be so open, caring, and trusting.

Brent von Sierakowski
TEC Chair, Auckland, New Zealand

TEC's been a great sounding board for our business in terms of giving me access to people that are going through similar experiences. It has really helped push us forwards with the sophistication of the way we run and manage the business.

Cameron Tuesley
CEO, Integral Technology Solutions, Brisbane

Connect, share and succeed with fellow trusted leaders

Join our world-class community of Chairs, Members, and Speakers, all focused on helping each other succeed.

Joining TEC gives you access to expertise and inspiration

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