Throughout my career I’ve focused on bringing out the best in leaders through mentoring and coaching. What that has taught me is that a leader’s most crucial and complex challenges are not obstacles. Rather, they’re most often the doorways to becoming a more effective and confident leader. Facing those challenges with a community of like-minded leaders, sharing information, ideas, and tools for betterment is what TEC is all about.’

Andrew Wynne’s purpose as a business coach is simple; bring out the best in leaders. He helps them maximise the value of their organisation and achieve their goals by ensuring they focus on what matters most.

His extensive experience in coaching and mentoring gives him the tools to work with senior executives and leadership teams to develop their capacity to effectively lead their organisations for enduring business and personal success.

He’s passionate about understanding human behaviour and understanding how it can positively influence the performance of teams, organisations, and individuals. Andrew’s mentoring style equips leaders with the skills to face challenges head on by asking the difficult questions and encouraging them to learn from those around them.

Andrew has over 30 years experience in senior executive roles that extends across many industries, including engineering, construction, banking, media and information technology. He’s spent 15 years as Managing Partner of a management consulting and coaching practice.

Highlights from his career include:

  • Executive Coach and Facilitator at Stephenson Mansell, one of Australia’s pre-eminent coaching, mentoring and leadership development firms
  • Master Facilitator at World Business and Executive Coaches Summit, hosting round-table discussions and managing coaches from around the world
  • Managing Partner at Thinc Technology, combining business acumen with interpersonal communication, leadership and coaching
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