When I see a leader find clarity after struggling with an issue or opportunity, or realise how capable they really are, I feel an incredible sense of optimism for them and what lies ahead. My legacy is helping people and organisations create theirs!’

Sara helps people and organisations gain deep insights about who they are and how to reach their potential. She’s a leader deeply driven by values of independence of thought, personal integrity, relationships, health and wellbeing, breaking down complexity, play, curiosity and transformative communication.

She’s held board and executive roles in for purpose, private and ASX companies. Sara’s lived the many complexities, nuances and challenges involved in leading organisations and has been supporting C Suite and Senior Executives as an Executive Coach since 2014. Her value proposition hinges on bringing clarity, reframing, and action within the context of high care and high challenge relationships.

Having a depth and breadth of experience across several sectors ranging from transport and logistics to community services, insurance, health and education, keeps her open and grounded. This experience bears testimony to her ability to rapidly absorb information, gain understanding of context and apply her skills, experience, and personal attributes to new sectors.

Sara’s experience has included leading, advising and supporting boards and executives through a range of key decisions.

Some highlights of her career include:

  • Posted record profits in every CEO role, allowing for re-investment in the future and helping organisations fulfill their purpose
  • Undertaken three large scale organisational transformations that transitioned into significant organisational growth
  • Led a once in an organisational lifetime $30M capital raise to transform a NFP
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