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What makes us the leading business mentoring and coaching company? In 1957, businessman Bob Nourse from Wisconsin, USA met with four fellow chief executives to put a simple but revolutionary idea to the test: Will sharing knowledge and experience help and improve the performance of their businesses? 

Seeing this success, Dr Phil Meddings brought TEC to Australia in 1986 and began the first TEC group in Sydney. Phil’s vision was to help Australian CEOs equal or better the best in the world and boost their leadership development. He focused on business leaders because he believed they determine the success of the company, which in turn, impacts the employees, the wider community, and the economy.

To do this, the founding leaders of TEC designed programs to drive growth both in TEC members and their organisation. Members have access to high-value perspectives through exclusive peer advisory group meetings and world-class speakers workshops.

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TEC speakers have the expertise that sparks ideas and action. Members are given innovative approaches to optimise business performance and activate new ideas for personal development. Explore

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The Vistage family of companies operate under the names TEC, The Executive Committee, and The Executive Connection. Vistage and its affiliates are in 20 countries with more than 23,000 members, representing the world’s leading chief executive organisation based on revenue. Since its founding in 1957, Vistage Worldwide, has continued to expand globally — nearly doubling in size every five years.

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