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Johannes Tietze -TEC member Libelle Group

Johannes Tietze – Libelle Group

Johannes Tietze, harnessed his passion, experience and peer network to successfully navigate the challenges of COVID-19. One of the most valuable things his got out of TEC is being able to work on himself and apply those learnings as a guide into his senior leadership team, specifically from a resilience perspective.

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Julian Perry TEC member story

Julian Perry – Wine-Searcher

Our members experience TEC in unique ways. Julian Perry, TEC member and CEO at Wine-Searcher, shares his personal experience of being part of our trusted circle of success advocates. Learn how they’ve supported Julian in several crucial business decisions over the years.

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Frank Caruso - Caruso Natural Health

Frank Caruso – Caruso’s Natural Health

‘My mantra has always been, if you don’t know, ask – I’m a big believer in that. There’s always someone at TEC who can offer a new perspective on a business challenge.’ says Frank Caruso, Founder at Caruso’s Natural Health. His inspiring journey at TEC started in 2005.

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John Newton - Scotch Collage

John Newton – Scotch College

TEC members are there because they want to learn, grow and be successful, which is the utmost peer inspiration to not stand still. Hear all about lessons in leadership from John Newton, Principal of Scotch College Adelaide.

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Sara Blunt – Kalyra Communities

Sara Blunt – Kalyra Communities

Having a board of peers to advise on business direction and growth, has been truly invaluable to Sara as a change-maker in the aged care industry. A core learning she has taken from sharing stories with her group of local executives is to seize big opportunities whenever they arise. 

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Tom Lunn - Detmold Group

Tom Lunn – Detmold Group

Having the peer support is great to take a step back and share intel and knowledge on what businesses are experiencing. Tom Lunn, shares how the company shifted quickly and effectively to solve a real need in the current environment.

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