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Find the group that fits you

We offer four different types of programs, each designed to meet the distinct needs of leaders at all stages of their learning and growth. We take great care to match you to the right peer group by considering your organisational size, stage of development and competitive landscape — ensuring your group has no direct competitors.

Your TEC membership includes

Confidential peer groups led by a professional Chair
One-to-one executive coaching and mentoring
Lifelong learning
Connection to a global network

Chief Executive Program

Evolve your leadership

The Chief Executive program is designed for CEOs, and business owners with a vision and drive for developing successful businesses. Gain access to outside perspectives that will help you enhance your ability to make the right decisions faster.

Personal growth and development has been invaluable and led to making better business decisions. – John Balass

Designed for the challenges of CEOs

You’re surrounded by stakeholders with competing agendas, and you make all decisions on your own without the benefit of unbiased advice.

Get your decisions vetted by an ideal sounding board — an objective, experienced peer group who will offer unbiased advice in a confidential environment.

You’re concerned that your current culture may be having a negative impact on business.

Learn best practices on building an empowered, results-driven team. Find and fix blind spots to advance your leadership ability.

You’re not sure you have the best processes in place to scale up the business.

Get access to models of success and expert advice to help you retool your long-term strategy without sacrificing business performance.

You’re seeking guidance on how to fuel the next stage of growth.

Gain fresh perspective on complex issues to optimise business decisions and results.

Small Business Program

Grow more strategic and efficient

The Small Business group is designed exclusively for results-driven leaders. Your resources are stretched, competition is fierce and you face new challenges every day. This is the perfect solution for the business owner who finds themselves working in the business far more than they are working on the business. Our specialised approach will help you refine your goals, perfect your leadership skills and create a roadmap to fulfill your vision.

A trusting environment to approach comfortably, a range of business owners from different demographics for open conversations and lean on them for advice is a great opportunity. – Kamaleka Naidoo

Designed for the complexities of small businesses

You currently make all decisions on your own and worry you may be missing something.

Get unbiased, confidential advice from a group of your peers who have faced similar challenges.

You occupy so many roles in the company that you’re in danger of burnout.

Learn from seasoned executives how to create work-life balance by putting leadership and processes in place for seamless operations.

Connect directly with experts for personalised advice to help you focus on the strategic decisions that will lead to long-term growth.

You haven’t been able to secure necessary resources to fuel growth.

Gain fresh perspectives and insights from other entrepreneurs on how they’ve successfully financed their companies’ growth.

Key Executives Program

Get to the next level

The Key Executive group is devised for senior executives that want to become outstanding leaders and CEOs. We help improve your personal performance, broaden your network and build the skills necessary to reach your personal and business goals. This group will push your leadership abilities to get you to the next level.

Often you don’t have all the answers, but TEC gives you the tools to handle any circumstance you come across with confidence. – Tom Boyd

Designed for the growth and development of senior executives

You’re held accountable for your company’s results but feel only partially in control over how you achieve them.

Learn how like-minded executives have been successful in achieving alignment and influencing the direction of their organisation.

You’re relied upon to provide leadership but feel mired in the urgent demands of running a business.

Step out of the action once a month to focus on strategic planning that will help your team and business get to the next level.

You’re burdened with navigating competing priorities and conflicting, sometimes unreasonable, expectations.

Surround yourself with high-performing peers who are committed to becoming extraordinary leaders – and helping you achieve the same.

Advancing Leader Program

Turbocharge professional growth

As a CEO, you depend on your experienced managers and team leads to execute your vision and achieve your goals. The Advancing Leader Program makes sure they have the training and leadership skill sets to deliver on all counts.

The Advancing Leader Program is designed to raise participants’ level of strategic thinking, communication and collaboration to help them deliver on your goals. Through the combination of expert speakers, application-based learning, peer feedback and customised evaluations, members learn to clearly define opportunities, gain internal alignment and lead implementation for greater organisational impact.

Designed to develop experienced managers and team leaders into effective leaders

Benefits to your company

  • Bench strength. Prepares employees for key leadership positions within your company.
  • Improved execution. Develops effective leaders who demonstrate cross-functional collaboration to drive results.
  • Effective leadership. Equips senior managers at multiple levels with the tools and confidence to initiate and execute change..

Benefits to advancing leaders

  • Broaden cross-functional expertise. Develops effective thinking, communication and collaboration to manage strategic initiatives and deliver results.
  • Relationship building. Cultivates professional relationships with colleagues across departments and levels.
  • Recognition and career advancement. Enhances development and greater visibility with strong potential to advance within the company.

Discover the power of our programs

From established CEOs and members of the C-suite to management teams and entrepreneurial business owners, TEC groups are designed to maximise the power of business connections. Wondering which group will give you the most impact? Just ask.

Meet some of our members from a wide range of industries

Our groups combine members from different categories, all facing similar business challenges. Together, we share expertise, challenge one another to think critically and advocate for continued success and growth.