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We believe that businesses have the power to make their communities better. Behind each business is a leader at the wheel, making the tough calls that make or break.

We believe every decision a leader makes, no matter how insignificant at first glance, has profound implications. And we want nothing more than to support and equip them to move their businesses forward. Because their excellence benefits the world.

We believe the race for excellence has no finish line. That’s why continuous learning is every leader’s duty. And we’re out to support this.

We’re here for the executives who want to achieve great results. We’re here for those who want to master how to make smarter, better decisions. We’re here to lead and shape them to become better leaders.

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Our promise is to help our members outperform the competition through enhanced leadership, strategic focus, and practical solutions.

Value of membership is game changing results

For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping business leaders address their most pressing challenges and biggest opportunities. We’ve designed our member benefits with the most comprehensive approach to help you achieve a competitive advantage. A critical component is our community.

We are a community with a global presence like no other with over 23,000 members across 20 countries, all individuals dedicated to improving their businesses, their leadership, their community and each other. Their willingness to put ego aside and apply the necessary rigor in the pursuit of excellence is what makes us different. Makes us better.

No one understands the challenges and needs of CEOs, business owners and key executives better than TEC

TEC membership aims to help you outperform the competition through programs that enhance leadership, bring strategic focus, and inspire practical solutions. Our programs have been developed, refined, and tested for over six decades, and this has given us a deep understanding of what drives business performance. We are so confident of the difference we make, that we measure it.

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Member Testimonials

Our members know the benefits TEC membership can bring and they love sharing their stories with others.

Our members know the benefits TEC membership can bring, and they love inspiring others with their stories. They know the real payback from coaching and mentoring and the difference their new personal skills, leadership capabilities, and connections can bring. Gain insights from the challenges and issues faced by our members, the actions taken and the results achieved by viewing our member case studies.

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