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Jon Lindsay

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Jon Lindsay

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TEC Chair: Chief Executive Program
TEC Chair: Key Executive Program

‘TEC is about challenge. TEC is about support. TEC is about being the safest environment you possibly can have where you actually go away and take action. TEC is about making decisions faster, with more confidence, and doing it where you know you have got a group of people who will support you in those decisions.’

Jon Lindsay has experience as a CEO, GM and other roles in international manufacturing, distribution, and business-to-business service industries where he established a track record as an innovator and a leader of industry change.

Following an early career in international project management as a civil engineer, Jon graduated with an MBA from Harvard. In the late 80’s he was involved in business development of aerospace materials and took on his first MD role at the age of 34 running a 150 year old industrial textiles business. In this role Jon was one of the early adopters of the Investors in People standard in the UK.

This led to a senior role in man-made fibres including the development of the global Tencel brand. A change of industry to financial services in the late 90’s, led him to run two of the UK’s largest credit insurers insuring most of the UK’s top exporters. It was at this time Jon became a member of TEC and through TEC was introduced to the concept of Lean Thinking, which he pioneered in the insurance industry.

Since his arrival in Australia in 2009, Jon has become one of Australia’s leading authorities in joined- up thinking for organisations, supporting business leaders in alignment and engagement of their executive team.  Jon is a Managing Consultant at S A Partners, the global lean consultancy, in addition to his role as TEC Chair.

Career milestones:

  • Graduated from Cambridge University as a Civil Engineer and worked for an international contractor in the UK, Middle East and the Caribbean.
  • Developed project management skills. Following an MBA at Harvard,  joined Courtaulds in the late 80’s to develop their advanced materials business and worked on several US and European acquisitions.
  • First MD role came at the age of 34, running a 150 year old industrial textiles business.
  • Working as a business development manager for Tencel in developing global strategic alliances and fabric brand management.
  • A change of industry in the late 90’s took Jon to Credit insurance,  running two of the UK largest credit insurers and was on the board of, at the time, the largest credit insurer in the world based in the Netherlands.
  • Becoming a member of TEC in the UK.
  • Developed along the way one of the UK’s leading independent invoice financiers and was Chairman of the Trade Credit Insurance Committee of the Association of British Insurers during the mid 2000’s.
  • Moved into strategy consultancy before migrating to Australia in 2009, combining the TEC chairing role with thought leadership and strategy consulting.

Business aspects and criteria can best offer advice on:

  • Strategy development
  • Strategy deployment
  • Senior executive engagement
  • Exit strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • Change management and transformation
  • Business process improvement

Group dynamics:

I run two TEC groups. One has been in existence for over ten years, the other fifteen. Like all TEC groups members are from a wide range of industries and business models. It’s the diversity of business models that I keep looking for. One group has several long term members (around 10 years) and has a few solid second generation businesses; the other comes across with a slightly more technology focus. Both have a mix of manufactures, exporters, importers, corporate, not for profit and public sector managers as well as a core of owner managers. While the groups have their own culture what is common to both is their willingness to challenge and support always without judgement both business and personal decisions.

What a prospect could expect from the group:

A warm welcome and an expectation that you will bring something different to the group. In my experience most new members are surprised how quickly fellow members pick up and understand their businesses and with the diversity of business models in both groups there are always very early reflections on how they might do things differently.

LinkedIn Pulse:

‘TEC’s been a great sounding board for our business in terms of giving me access to people that are going through similar experiences, it’s really helped push us forwards with the sophistication of the way we run and manage the business.’
Cameron Tuesley, Integral Technology Solutions


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