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The essence of the success of both my groups is the diversity they represent. Diversity in length of membership, industries, background, experience, men and women, and all ages.

Over time each group reinvents itself as members achieve the success they desire and sell, retire, get promoted or get posted overseas. This occasional flow of new members over the years has provided a rich source of new ideas, thinking and experiences, keeping the group members at the leading edge of success in business.

More importantly, while supporting each other in their business success, members challenge each other to achieve the balance they want in their lives by supporting and sharing on a very personal level. In doing so each member is even better equipped to deal with the vagaries of business as they hone their personal leadership skills.

This constant learning and sharing is fundamental for a member to gain the most out of a group yet it is often the thing that prevents us being all that we can be. We sometimes need to step out of our comfort zone to grow and the members in my groups certainly recognise this as essential to the success they all enjoy.’



Harvey Martin’s CEO experience spans over 20 years across a range of organisations from larger corporates to SMEs and start-ups. These organisations covered a number of industries from sporting goods and other consumer products, industrial fibreglass, commercial and industrial property development and a national franchise business he established under licence from the USA.

These leadership roles saw him make some significant strategic moves involving a number of international alliances and joint ventures including two Asian manufacturing plants and international marketing organisations.

He has consulted in marketing and strategic management for a wide range of organisations in the agricultural, manufacturing, IT and service industries, which led to Board appointments in both the public and private sectors.


  • Leadership – mentoring CEOs, Boards and senior management.
  • Developing strategy throughout the organisation and performance measurement.
  • Workshops for analysing, conceptualising, focusing and planning, with the people in the organisation to achieve alignment and effective results.

This solid business background qualifies Harvey for the TEC Chair role as does his many years as a mentor, coach and facilitator (and at times provocateur) of CEOs and senior executives.  Despite having had an intimate relationship and direct impact on a large number of business leaders, He considers his greatest contribution has been creating and facilitating these peer advisory ‘boards’ which has enabled members to learn so much from each other.

Group experience:

My TEC group is for CEOs, Owners and Managers from larger SMEs from a diverse range of industries who are keen to grow themselves and their businesses to become significantly more successful, have less stress in their lives and improve their relationships.

I have brought together a group of experienced leaders, with established organisations who are not satisfied with the status quo and are stimulated by an entrepreneurial spirit that drives them always to be looking at ‘what next’ to grow their companies, whether that be cutting edge technology or out of the box management strategies. I’m always interested in meeting potential new members for the group.

I also facilitates a peer advisory group for key executives – those reporting to the CEO/Managing Director etc.  This KEY group is generally a younger lively group of people who epitomise the zest for and benefit from the learning in a TEC group – from the expert speakers and sharing each other’s experiences. It provides a safe, supportive and stimulating environment in which key executives develop into tomorrow’s leaders.

The CEOs biggest challenge:

Three things stand out

  • Being comfortable giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Making decisions and in a timely manner
  • Managing their time

Members tell me that in helping with all three areas, TEC provides the greatest value.

‘I have been inundated with terrific ideas from the huge variety of speakers we’ve had. Add to that the advice and comments from the group on my particular business issues and the value I get is quite unique and invaluable. TEC has given me lots of tools to improve my business, and enjoy it more.’
Michael Amiel, RCR International Pty Ltd

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