Guy Mycroft

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TEC Chair: Chief Executive Program
TEC Chair: Key Executive Program

‘I like the entrepreneurial SME environment, with its never ending variety of businesses and people. I like to work with people over the long term and build strong enduring relationships. I like to be always learning and helping others learn. I like the collegial support of the TEC Chair community. I like the way the TEC program works, it’s a beautiful formula!’

Guy Mycroft has spent over 25 years in industry, working for multinational corporations both in Australia and the UK. he started as a graduate in the paper industry and worked his way through line management roles to senior executive positions. This was followed by experience across a range of large and small businesses, with contrasting structures and markets. They all have a common thread, operating in tough, competitive environments where leadership, strategy and excellence in execution are critical to ensuring survival and driving profitability.

Career milestones:

Executive General Manager roles:

  • Pulp and paper, major project execution
  • Timber processing, business turnaround, then sale.
  • Fibre packaging, market share growth after a 10 year decline.

A CEOs biggest challenge:

Finding the right people to help fight the never ending profitability challenge and then being able to adapt themselves to the role as it changes and the company develops.

Best piece of business advice received:

When you succeed, nobody cares about how much help you had, only that you have achieved the goal. Never hold back asking for help from anywhere that can potentially lead to solutions and ultimately success.

‘TEC’s one of those things that I do because it takes discipline to rock up to meetings and do the courses. But with discipline comes reward’
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