‘I like the entrepreneurial SME environment, with its never ending variety of businesses and people. I like to work with people over the long term and build strong enduring relationships. I like to be always learning and helping others learn. I like the collegial support of the TEC Chair community. I like the way the TEC program works, it’s a beautiful formula!’

A career in a tough industry forged Guy Mycroft into the business leader he is today, and gave him invaluable experience in helping other leaders operate in tough, competitive environments where leadership, strategy and excellence in execution are critical to ensuring survival and driving profitability.

Guy’s expertise lies in helping leaders feel empowered to navigate their businesses, whether large or small, through the toughest times by instilling a sense of calm and resolve in the day-to-day.

Beginning his career as a graduate in the paper industry, Guy has worked his way through line management roles to senior executive positions.

With experience in leading organisations through major change and placing an emphasis on accountability at all levels, Guy has helped senior management for more than 100 organisations establish carefully considered strategic plans alongside analysis and decision-making capability.

His career highlights include:

  • Advisor to CEOs and business owners on strategy, business improvement, leadership and change
  • Worked for multinational corporations both in Australia and the UK
  • Strong commercial acumen coupled with pragmatic general management experience
  • Sound experience in corporate governance in both public and private sectors
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