‘Chairing a TEC Group is one of the most challenging and rewarding commitments I’ve ever undertaken. We’re all learning so much together, about each other, about ourselves, and about smarter and better ways.’

As a TEC Chair, Tony’s style can be summed up in two words, ‘tough love’. His mentoring sessions hum with the energy of committed members that have put total trust, commitment and confidentiality in Tony’s ability to facilitate.

As a TEC member for over 8 years, Tony McGinn brings a deep level of experience and empathy to his coaching and mentoring role, understanding the true value peer support can provide. He attributes his time as a member to the solid foundations that helped him grow and adapt to be a better leader of his company.

At just 22, Tony founded his media business MCM Entertainment Group Ltd. Under his 33 years of leadership the organisation grew to operate three businesses with 150 staff covering six offices across Australia, Europe and Asia.

As a media entrepreneur, he’s worked closely with major global advertising agency groups on strategic media solutions and innovations and conducted extensive business with media broadcasters and distribution companies in Australia, Europe and Asia at C-level.

In 2015, Tony sold MCM Entertainment Group Ltd. and launched The McGinn Partnership. Here he’s set about helping clients fix an age-old problem for business; the lack of productivity and accountability in sales and business development. Highlights from his impressive career include:

  • Largest shareholder of the Founded MCM Entertainment Group Limited as it transitioned from operating companies into a pure investment vehicle.
  • Chair and Deputy Chair of Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF).
  • Founded and led as Committee Chair for a decade the ‘Million Dollar Lunch™’ fundraising initiative which has raised nearly $18 million over 13 years for CCF.
  • Awarded a Medal of The Order of Australia in 2014 for his service to the community.
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