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Tony McGinn


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TEC Chair: Chief Executive Program

Chairing a TEC Group is one of the most challenging and rewarding commitments I have undertaken. We are all learning so much together, about each other, about ourselves, and about smarter and better ways.

It was an easy decision for me to make to become a TEC Chair, the opportunity arose because I was a past member for over 8 years. In my time as a member, my business grew much faster and stronger than over its preceding 12 years, and we kept on growing on the solid foundations my TEC experience gave me as the leader of the company.

My TEC group can be summed up in two words, ‘tough love’, and this is only possible in an environment of total trust, commitment and confidentiality between our members.


I founded my media business at age 22. Over 33 years under my leadership, the organisation grew to operate three businesses with 150 staff covering six offices across Australia, Europe and Asia. All three companies in the MCM Entertainment Group Ltd. shared a common denominator; they were B2B sales driven businesses. In 2007 I listed my group on the ASX via an IPO. I sold my business in 2016 and decided to ‘step change’ my life.

That change saw me become a TEC Chair launching a new group in Victoria in June 2017. I also launched The McGinn Partnership; a firm focused on fixing an age-old problem for business, the lack of productivity and accountability in sales and business development.

I have worked with some of Australia’s and the worlds biggest companies at C-levels here and around the world. Company’s like The Coca-Cola Company where my business developed and ran entertainment marketing projects in over 25 countries and reported to Head Office in Atlanta, through to global technology and sales partnerships with Microsoft Corporation where I participated in select roundtable meetings with both past CEO, Steve Balmer, and current CEO Satya Nadella.

I’ve also worked closely with all the major global advertising agency groups on strategic media solutions and innovations for a wide array of blue-chip national and multinational clients. Being a media entrepreneur,  I have also conducted extensive business with media broadcasters and distribution companies in Australia, Europe and Asia at C-level.

I bring deep experience to my coaching and mentoring TEC Chair role. That experience includes many triumphs along with a fair share of failures; both loaded with lessons.

Since 2000 I have also been passionately involved in childhood cancer support and research for cures as the Cair and  Deputy Chair of Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF). I founded and led as Committee Chair for a decade the ‘Million Dollar Lunch™’ fundraising initiative which has raised nearly $18 million over 13 years for CCF. I was awarded a Medal of The Order of Australia in 2014 for my service to the community.


  • Leadership
  • Sales and business development
  • Marketing
  • International business (primarily Europe & Asia)
  • Public company directorship and management
  • Capital raising
  • SME growth strategies and growth options development
  • Scenario planning/future thinking
  • Digital disruption
  • Event management
  • Joint venture structures and management
  • Strategic planning processes and facilitation
  • Shared values processes and facilitation
  • Business acquisition/sale
  • Intellectual property protection
  • International business structures
  • Not-for-profit Chair, directorship, management and fundraising

A CEOs biggest challenge?

Making better decisions every day. And that’s what TEC enables.

What do I want for members?

Apart from good health, wellbeing and happiness, I want my members always to have options. My job as their Chair is to ask the hard questions and to ensure my members don’t get stuck in a corner with outcomes forced onto them. I always want them to be prepared in advance and to have a choice of options on their terms, no matter what the situation might be.