‘It’s been a great source of pride for me to bear witness to many TEC members who’ve transformed their lives and achieved their goals with the support and guidance of people who’ve successfully navigated life’s many obstacles and achieved their own successes.’

Jim Landau sees success in growth. It’s why his mentoring style centres around improving leadership effectiveness among his TEC group members, and ultimately building them into better business and community leaders. During his mentoring sessions, Jim develops commercial negotiation, business development and team building, and motivation and influencing skills.

Jim’s career has taken him to the boardrooms of some very diverse companies as a Non-executive Director and Advisory Board member for organisations in the advanced financial technology platforms and health sectors.

He’s also lectured strategic management to business school students at both Monash and Deakin Universities still continues as a guest lecturer at Melbourne University. In 2009 he retired from the position of Chair of the Industry Advisory Board to the Centre for Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Melbourne.

Jim’s other career highlights include:

  • Selection by IBM Research for work on their first minicomputer design
  • First Computer Audit Manager for Arthur Andersen in Australia (and effectively founder of their risk management practice)
  • Appointment as first General Manager of the Potter Partners investment trusts
  • The IPO of my first business – Software Corporation of Australia;
  • Appointment as Managing Director of Australia’s oldest listed technology business, Datronics Corporation
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