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Hosted by: Stephanie Christopher, CEO at TEC

#34: The 3 elements of the COVID vaccine challenge with Jayden Rogers

Join Stephanie as she sits down with business leaders and inspiring guests covering relevant leadership topics that are top of mind for SME business leaders. If you're passionate about growth, looking for fresh inspiration or just interested in what other leaders are doing, then this podcast is for you.

Deborah Burt

#33: How to manage difficult conversations

In this podcast Deborah Burt shares her recipe for managing difficult conversations… and yes practice makes perfect! Difficult conversations are difficult, but they can be a lot easier if we change our way of thinking in advance.

Lyn Leahy

#32: Coaching and effective leadership

Lynn Leahy, international speaker and business coach, leads the listener through the importance of coaching skills in Leadership.

Garry Thomson

#31: Emotional wellbeing for families

Garry Thomson, currently, CEO of Uplifting Australia, is a social innovator with 25 years experience in family development and a thought leader in this space.

Trudy Macdonald

#30: Taking your company from good to great

Trudy MacDonald shares the top three and also gives leaders tips on how to create a culture of accountability and engagement in your workplace.

Viren Thakrar

#29: A learning mindset – a winning strategy for you right now

Viran Thakrar looks at the opportunity to re-imagine how work is done and how we go about things. What can business leaders take into the next steps of our future that we’re building for ourselves as leaders and proud businesses?

Ron Schwartz

#28: Leaders finding new ways to build trust and hope

Ron Schwartz has partnered with CEOs, business owners and senior executives to enhance individual, team and organisational performance by aligning effort with intention.

Susanne Bransgrove

#26: Good business comes from good family

In this podcast Susanne Bransgrove guides us through solving issues through manageable discussion frameworks,

Ashton Bishop

#27: Communication in a time of uncertainty – a leadership opportunity

Ashton Bishop discusses what’s important for leaders to remember when communicating in times of crisis.

Matthew Le Merle

#25: Understanding blockchain – the technologies that have bought so far can’t take us into the future

Matthew Le Merle takes a potentially complicated subject matter, Blockchain technology, and simplifies the concept and future applications. As this technology will change our lives significantly.

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