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Hosted by: Stephanie Christopher, CEO at TEC

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Join Stephanie Christopher, as she sits down with business leaders and inspiring guests covering relevant leadership topics that are top of mind for SME business leaders. If you're passionate about growth, looking for fresh inspiration or just interested in what other leaders are doing, then this podcast is for you.

Elias Kanaris TEC Chair

#67: Resilience in times of adversity

Elias Kanaris, shares a story of resilience providing an insider's view about what happened on 9/11 when the plane he was a passenger in was diverted from New York.
Dave Sewell TEC Live

#60: Great leadership is a skill that must be learned

Dave Sewell, shares his perspective on the importance of leaders putting psychological safety at the core of everybody's development. What stops you as a leader getting the best outcomes and working together with a common goal?
Christian Boucousis TEC Live

#59: A fighter pilot’s mindset for business success

In this fast-paced conversation Christian Boucousis (Boo) and Stephanie Christopher cover leadership, strategy, execution and performance. A former fighter pilot and now successful entrepreneur, Boo dedicates his life to helping leaders have the courage to be accountable for their own journey.
Nicole Golan TEC Live

#58: How business can support First Nation peoples in Australia

In this inspiring podcast Nicole Golan, a proud Ngarrindjeri woman and CEO/Founder of Nik&Co. consultancy, speaks from the heart. Nicole highlights the inequity in our society and unpacks what reconciliatory practices within a business environment look like.
Stephen Rutter TEC Live

#56: Becoming a proud Tebrakunna man from Lutruwita

In this conversation, Stephanie and Stephen explore the similarities and differences between Indigenous Entrepreneurship and Western Entrepreneurship and the need to apply open innovation principles for the next horizon of growth.