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#79: Corporate social responsibility and making a positive impact

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In this fascinating podcast, Debbie Haski Leventhal’s a passionate and inspirational speaker on impact and purpose discusses her childhood and upbringing in the Kabbalah Centre, a cult-like environment. She highlights the challenges, control mechanisms and the twisted rituals that were practiced, her escape and the difficulties faced by those trying to leave such organisations.

This experience informed her views around the importance of critical thinking which led to her academic and professional pursuits in corporate social responsibility to make a positive impact. She cites examples of companies that have made a real difference in the world utilising everything they do to create a positive social impact by adopting pro-social behaviour.

Debbie Haski Leventhal is an awarded and well-published professor of business management and the MBA Director at Macquarie University, in Sydney, Australia. With over 60 academic articles, 5 books and a TED talk, she dedicates her teaching, research, and knowledge to creating impact and enabling others to find meaningfulness and purpose.  

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