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#71: Leading through critical moments: empowering transformation

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In this episode of ‘Empowering Leadership’, we dive into the critical moments that CEOs face on their journey. Join TEC Chair Danielle Jorgensen as she explore strategies to navigate disruption, make impactful decisions, and develop emotional agility. Find out how to empower your team, tap into the expertise across your organisation, and become a transformational leader.

Danielle is a seasoned leadership and communications coach and facilitator, working with high-level executives, entrepreneurs, and teams across Australia, Greater China, New Zealand, and the United States. Shaped by her own journey of challenge and adversity her quality of grit and resilience makes her relatable to others, and where her empathy shines brightest.

Hear from Danielle as she explains why it’s important for CEOs and business leaders to preserving their energy and make conscious choices about where to invest their time. Gain insights on fostering creativity, gaining perspective outside of your business, and recognizing that the CEO role extends beyond individual responsibility.

It’s time to conquer critical moments and empower yourself as a leader.

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