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#68: Rebuilding trust in leaders in today’s changed world

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Dr Neryl East shares her experience of working with leaders across different types of organisations and highlights the importance of effective communication. She says, ‘Communication is not just about pushing out information but rather making sure that the other person has received, understood, believed, and acted on the message. Particularly in times of stress and uncertainty, trust in leaders and organisations is crucial, and effective communication plays a vital role in building that trust’.

Dr Neryl East and Stephanie Christopher deep dive into how leaders need to strike a balance between competence and character, that is, between demonstrating their knowledge and expertise and showing their humanness and ability to connect with people.

In partnership with TEC, Dr Neryl East shares her ground-breaking research. This research uncovers the keys for leaders to navigate the challenges of our post-pandemic world and rebuild trust with fragmented teams. Read about the 6 Lenses of Credible Leadership required in 2023 and beyond. Download the whitepaper here.

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