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#74: Generative AI for SMEs

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This thought-provoking episode explores the exciting possibilities that generative AI offers. By understanding this emerging technology and its implications, you can position your organisation to thrive in an increasingly AI-driven world.

Tim Martin. Founder of net101, sheds light on the historical journey of AI, from its origins in the post-World War II era to the present day. He touches on the concept of machines thinking like humans and the intermittent phases of progress and setbacks that have marked the development of AI over the years.

He points out that it’s essential to understand the nuances of AI Chatbots and shares tips on unlocking their full potential. ‘Generative AI is not meant to replicate human thinking or replace human intelligence but serve as a powerful tool to augment human capabilities and streamline work processes. It enables us to offload repetitive tasks, accelerate information retrieval, and empower us to focus on higher-level strategic thinking and creativity’ says Tim.

To gain insights into the implications of generative AI for your organisation this is a must listen to episode.

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