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#77: From burnout to brilliance

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In this episode Trudy MacDonald and Stephanie Christopher tackle this rich and relevant topic, uncovering the evolving landscape of work and leadership challenges – a must listen podcast for all business leaders.

Over the past few years, there has been a shift from ‘The Great Resignation’ to ‘The Great Renegotiation’ and ultimately ‘The Great Exhaustion.’ Leaders are facing burnout in an environment where they are under more pressure than ever before.

Trudy highlights four key reasons contributing to burnout:

  1. Ways of working: Hybrid and remote work models are here to stay, impacting relationships and connections within teams.
  2. Role clarity: Leaders have taken on too many responsibilities, leading to role compression and overwhelming workloads.
  3. Changing demands of leadership: Leadership now requires a more humanistic approach, balancing empathy and accountability, which can be challenging.
  4. Culture: Creating a culture of psychological safety where toxic behaviours are not tolerated is crucial, especially in remote or hybrid work environments.

Trudy emphasizes that this shift in leadership requires leaders to be visible, accessible, and empathetic. By building trust and a sense of belonging within teams, leaders can create a culture where accountability and support go hand in hand. Starting with the leadership team and modelling the desired behaviours is essential for implementing these changes effectively.

Hear how leaders can help themselves and their teams to mitigate burnout and become a high performance team.

Trudy MacDonald is the Managing Director and Founder of TalentCode HR, a strategic HR consultancy that partners with leaders to boost business performance. Trudy is an award-winning leader and HR professional with a knack for maximising the performance of businesses through people. With expertise in strategy, leadership development, and cultural transformation, she has the unique ability to inspire fresh perspectives.

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