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Across a range of industries, our members share how TEC has enabled them to hone their decision making when facing critical business challenges and drive real growth.

Scott Parks - Scott Parks Group

Scott Parks – Scott Park Group Pty Ltd

The Key Executive Program has become an integral part of how Scott Parks evolves new talent within his business.
As a passionate advocate for the development of his team, Scott credits TEC with instilling tools and techniques that help develop his senior managers’ skills over and above what they achieve working in the organisation.

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Alister Haigh - Haigh's Chocolate

Alister Haigh – Haigh’s Chocolates

A winning recipe of Haigh’s Chocolates is constantly innovating to match changing tastes. ‘By combining technical processes with business innovation, Haigh’s Chocolates is certainly taking a long-term approach to innovation.’ says Alister, CEO and TEC member since 1996.

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Frank Caruso - Caruso Natural Health

Frank Caruso – Caruso’s Natural Health

‘My mantra has always been, if you don’t know, ask – I’m a big believer in that. There’s always someone at TEC who can offer a new perspective on a business challenge.’ says Frank Caruso, Founder at Caruso’s Natural Health. His inspiring journey at TEC started in 2005.

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TEC member Johannes Tietze -Libelle Group

Johannes Tietze – Libelle Group

Johannes Tietze, harnessed his passion, experience and peer network to successfully navigate the challenges of COVID-19. One of the most valuable things his got out of TEC is being able to work on himself and apply those learnings as a guide into his senior leadership team, specifically from a resilience perspective.

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Bronwyn Condon - Marsh & Partners

Bronwyn Condon – Marsh & Partners

Building strong teams is a key part of Bronwyn’s management strategy. ‘If you don’t have the right people in the right places it can all fall down around you.’ she says. Discover how constant innovation and meaningful employee engagement increased Marsh & Partners retention rate.

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Jarrod Graetz - CEO at PositiveMedia

Jarrod Graetz – PositiveMedia

Jarrod Graetz, CEO at PositiveMedia has experienced firsthand the power of peer mentoring. Believing his executive team would benefit from it too, he introduced a number of senior leaders to the KEY Executive Program. Enhancing the quality of their leadership, decision making skills and how they communicate in the workplace.

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