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Tom Boyd– SAS Water Solutions

Accelerated growth through peer mentoring

I’ve grown and developed more in the last two years that I’ve been a member of TEC than the previous ten trying to make my way to the position that I’m in.

After being promoted into leadership, Tom Boyd quickly realised that University didn’t equip him with the tools he needed to run large teams. He was facing a steep learning curve.

Tom’s group has a saying, TEC is a gym, not a hospital. You come to work out. He loves that the group comes together to work on their weaknesses and to make their strengths even better.

‘We all get 24 hours in a day and you have to prioritise what’s important to do in that 24 hours. Our monthly meeting is my favourite professional day of the month and the value that you get far exceeds that meeting.’

Leadership and conflict management strategies

No one really teaches you how to deal with conflict or how to deal with performance issues.

Tom came into his current role with what he describes as a tool bag. He had a lot of life experience, some corporate strategies, but found he was lacking in people and conflict management tools.

He realised that every TEC session, be it the one-to-one with his Chair, a presenter, or others, adds another tool, giving him a series of principles, guidelines and ways of doing different things that he can implement into his business.

A legacy of growth and learning

The simple fact is that they’ve left an indelible mark on me and then therefore, the next people who come in get a better version of me and you almost hand down the legacy. It’s handing that baton, it’s like compounding interest.

In Tom’s time at TEC in his KEY group, he’s been able to experience his peers grow and move into executive roles such as CEO.

When you join a TEC group, you not only gain the collective knowledge of your current peers, but you also gain the knowledge of all who’ve come before. Tom likes to think of TEC as a knowledge transfer group, and it’s his duty to disseminate the knowledge to help others grow and develop.

Noticeable changes in yourself

The biggest endorsement is that my mum noticed a change in me. She said she’s seen me grow and develop so much over the time I’ve been in TEC and what a wonderful organisation that is. She’s seen the value TEC has brought to my professional side of my life, but also the personal aspects.

Reflecting on his time at TEC, Tom says although he’s still developing, he has a more robust level of EQ and gut feel than ever before, but with the added experience and wisdom to back up his decisions.

About Tom Boyd

Coming from a background in marine biology, Tom spent a number of years writing books, working for various companies and spending a lot of time in remote, beautiful islands.

In 2017, Tom joined SAS Water after working with the Managing Director as a supplier in previous roles. Impressed with Tom, he created a position for him within the business as a Technical Specialist.

After a quick year, Tom was promoted into his first management position and then assumed the role of General Manager.

Tom is a true advocate for TEC and shares ‘I tell all my friends, guys get on this stuff’.

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