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Chris Nelson– Juicebox

Juicebox, a digital agency based in Perth, Western Australia, has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2008. Founded by Chris Nelson and his business partner Joel Pember, both in their early twenties at the time, Juicebox started as a garage startup with minimal industry experience. Over the years, the company has achieved organic growth and garnered recognition locally and nationally.

Visionary Beginnings

When Chris and Joel started Juicebox, they recognised the potential of the digital landscape, even though websites were not yet common place for SME businesses. They embraced their digital native status and aimed to provide high-quality digital solutions with a focus on brand thinking. Their vision was not necessarily centred around predicting the digital revolution’s full impact but rather on understanding the value and potential of digital platforms.

Educating Clients and Evolving:

In the early days, Juicebox faced the challenge of educating clients about the importance of having a digital presence. They emphasized the need for businesses to adapt to the digital space and leverage its potential impact. Even today, Juicebox continues to educate clients about the ever-changing digital landscape, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve. The company understands the importance of staying informed and adapting to new technologies and trends, such as Apple’s recent VR headset announcement.

Partnership and Growth:

Chris and Joel’s partnership has been a driving force behind Juicebox’s success. Joel’s passion for technology and understanding of future trends complement Chris’s background in computer science and business execution. Together, they navigated the early years of the company, relying on their combined expertise and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. As Juicebox grew, they sought the guidance of a business coach to further develop their management skills and turn their youthful energy into effective leadership.

TEC Membership:

Chris joined TEC as a member in 2018, seeking further professional development opportunities. Initially hesitant about the fit of TEC for his agency, he was pleasantly surprised by the level of business acumen and the valuable insights shared within the group. TEC provided him with the tools to make smarter business decisions and navigate challenging situations with confidence. The learnings gained from TEC were not only beneficial for Chris personally but were also shared with his leadership team, transforming them into a cohesive and inspired group.

Current Challenges and Ambitions:

Juicebox has reached a stage where it aims to transition from being a generalist agency to a specialist one. The company plans to consolidate its service offerings and establish a more defined brand and digital focus. Chris and his team recognise the importance of specialisation to attract international brands and provide world-class services. Additionally, Juicebox aspires to expand its reach beyond Perth and explore opportunities in Singapore and Indonesia.

Finding Talent and Offshore Operations:

With the rapid growth of Juicebox, finding talent became a challenge. The company turned to offshore operations during the pandemic, initially helping a friend’s agency in Indonesia retain its employees. This arrangement proved beneficial, offering cost advantages without compromising quality. Juicebox now operates with a hybrid model, employing thinkers for strategy and creative tasks locally and utilizing a workforce in Indonesia for more task-driven work. Chris acknowledges the leadership team’s role in managing remote staff, allowing him to focus on the bigger picture.

The Value of TEC Membership:

As a TEC member, Chris finds great value in having a confidential sounding board for his ideas and challenges, and continues to learn from expert resources who share their passion and breadth of knowledge to challenge and provide critical perspectives to the group.

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