World–class mentoring paves the way for immeasurable results


Since 1957, TEC has made an impact on the business landscape by connecting groups of successful executives across industry sectors. The goal: Increased success. Each group is built for members to help one another in enhancing their businesses and their lives.

Private peer group meetings that work on the challenges with you

TEC groups meet monthly to resolve issues and identify opportunities with strategic focus and practical solutions. Confidentiality is key in creating an environment of trust and wisdom.

TEC doesn't take time, it promotes the best use of your time

Professionally facilitated meetings

During the professionally facilitated meetings, a new perception is achieved, a conclusive plan of action is devised, members are held accountable by their peers and results are achieved. Are you ready for change?

TEC knows what it takes to inspire, challenge and grow leaders

TEC Mentoring Jerry Kleeman Chair

Our Chairs are standout mentors who are former business leaders or owners. They are highly experienced professionals with extensive business skills, knowledge and experience. Their role is to question, so the root of the issue is identified, transparency is achieved, and success ensues.

Our Chairs never stop learning

TEC Chairs Continual Learning

All TEC Chairs partake in frequent development workshops to enhance their skills and knowledge, whilst collaborating with the wider global network.

A TEC Chair is your personal business coach

A TEC Chair is your personal business coach

Every month you meet one-to-one with your TEC Chair, this private mentoring session provides the opportunity to focus solely on you and your business.

Chairs keep members ahead of the pack


TEC Chairs are selected on the basis of their objectivity, insight and willingness to contribute and help others to succeed in becoming better leaders.

Chairs build groups and facilitate meetings

TEC Mentor Chair Group Meeting

Chairs devote time and energy to form dynamic thought provoking groups by personally identifying, coaching, developing and engaging members.

Meet a few of our TEC Chairs

New South Wales

TEC CEO Mentor Ian Neal NSW

Ian Neal

Ian works with CEOs to maximise the value of their enterprises by ensuring focus on what matters most.


TEC CEO Mentor Adam Sleigh QLD

Adam Sleigh

Adam’s broad expertise spans across retail, operations and manufacturing, across prominent national brands.

South Australia

TEC CEO Mentor Adrian Geering

Adrian Geering

Adrian has a thorough business background and a prolific creator of learning materials and publications.

Western Australia

TEC CEO Mentor Lyn Harding WA

Lyn Harding

Lyn’s key strengths are working with people to create and manage innovative strategic growth opportunities.


TEC CEO Coach Harvey Martin

Harvey Martin

Harvey’s CEO experience spans over 20 years across a range of organisations from larger corporates to SMEs and start ups.

New Zealand

TEC CEO Coach Simon OShaughnessy

Simon O’Shaughnessy

Simon has a keen interest in ‘rapid change and growth’, His motto is simply ‘making people great’.

The group experience provides an arena for change

TEC CEO member information event

Members know answers can be found in other's challenges

Paul Kahlert

TEC Paul Kahlert All Purpose Transport Case Study

All Purpose Transport

Developing employee capabilities for a competitive sector.

Anthony Paech

Beerenberg Farm

Staying modern and relevant – but faithful to tradition.

Bobbi Mahlab

TEC Bobbi Mahlab Mahlab Media Case Study

Mahlab Media

Forecasting future developments of an evolving industry.

Greville Pabst

TEC Greville Pabst WBP Property Case Study

WBP Property Group

Finding new opportunities in changing market conditions.

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