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Workplace Wellbeing Tip Number 9 – Do yoga or meditation classes

It’s really important that we start the day on an “emotional high”. If we are emotionally high, we perceive the world to be a better place and work more productively as a result. It’s all targeted towards positive psychology that leads to better outcomes. If we Feel Good, then we Think Good, and then we Do Good. At a business level if we improve morale, and have a positive attitude, then productivity increases.

Any form of aerobic exercise will achieve this. Whether it’s strenuous or not, done in a gym or not, or done in a group or not is irrelevant. It’s merely a matter of committing to actually doing 15 to 30 minutes every day, especially at the start of the day.

Tip Number 9. Do yoga or meditation classes.

The form of exercise that I’d like to focus on this time is one of the fastest growing exercise programs in the world. Yoga. Once seen as a “hemp smoking hippie escape from reality”, it has now become mainstream for many reasons. (NB I’ve been teaching and doing Laughter Yoga for more than a decade so I know a thing or two about this market ha ha ha).

The traditional yoga that most people do is called Hatha Yoga and involves a series of body poses. There are countless others. Regardless of which one you do they all involve an element of meditative breathing. Meditation is merely the art of stilling the mind through breath control. It takes patience and practice but when achieved allows the mind to focus or be mindful. Mindfulness is all the rage at present as our productivity is higher when this occurs.

Why not begin by offering just 15 minutes of yoga or meditation at the start or end of the day in a room in your office somewhere. My guess is that one of your staff members will be willing to do these classes free of charge for you if you find someone who already practices it.

Here are 5 things that Yoga does for you.

  1. Yoga stills the mind. In doing so, it relaxes the stress relative to the mind and body. When this happens the muscles relax which allows the blood to flow more freely and reduces high blood pressure. After a Yoga class you will be more relaxed, and yet more focused on your next task.
  2. Yoga is quiet. There is a sense of calm that comes over you and the group. The clamor of 21st Century living is gone. Try it outside and connect with nature if you like. Laughter Yoga is the opposite in that it provides positive noises that fill the room in a more energetic way.
  3. Yoga is challenging. If you’re my age (between 50 and 60) it’s not that easy to put your left leg behind your right ear but over time it becomes possible. It’s something that everyone can do. It’s great for keeping the knee and hip joints flexible also as these are common complaints and replacements nowadays.
  4. Yoga is healing. As the demographic of the world is getting older I’ll focus on the obvious. Yoga makes us more supple and able to withstand falls and physical mishaps quicker. It also provides better breathing and more oxygen to the body and brain to help them function better.
  5. Yoga centers you and makes you whole. The word yoga means “to unite”. It’s all about body mind connection, and the longer you do it, the more you realize that’s it connects you spiritually also.


About the Author

TEC Speaker Merv NealMerv Neal is an ex TEC member and has been a TEC speaker since 2010. As a Director of Holistic Services Group, he specializes in assisting businesses of all types and sizes to create and then imple