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Workplace Wellbeing: Tip Number 6 – Walk to a park and have your meeting there

Meetings can be the bane of our working life. Never before has there been more time spent on “meaningless meetings” than at present.

How do I know this? Because when I’m invited to professionally facilitate meetings for organisations the people are delighted.

It appears that there is often little or no preparation, a lack of a stimulating and interesting agenda, poor facilitation, and they result in having no clearly defined and documented outcomes.

For this reason, it’s time for a shake up. I mentioned in my last blog that people are now standing at meetings. It’s now time to get them moving. After all, motion creates emotion.

Tip Number 6. Walk to a park and have your meeting there

Walking is an aerobic exercise. The heart gets pumping and the lungs get puffing. Our brain requires up to 25% more oxygen than other organs in the body to function properly. So more oxygen means clearer thinking.

Oxygen is required for our body to function also. Once the oxygen enters our lungs it is then transferred to the body cells via the blood system. The amount of oxygen that is delivered relies on the speed that it’s travelling at. In other words, the harder that the heart is pumping the more effective is the oxygen delivery process.

The combination of the increased heart rate and oxygen intake levels amounts to better health. After all, much sickness is created purely by lack of proper deep breathing and physical exercise.

Here are 5 advantages of walking to a park for an outdoor meeting.

  • Fresh air. You will not only be outside in all of nature’s elements, but you’ll be out of the air-conditioned environment. Air conditioning fosters a multitude or air borne diseases. Make sure that you have an umbrella and a bottle of water and you’re ready for anything.
  • Physical exercise. The second largest issue we face in business is sedentary behaviour … just behind stress. With the current philosophy of working for 50 minutes and then walking for 10, going to a park works. For some people this may (sadly) be the most exercise they get for that week.
  • A change of surroundings. Make the most of the natural environment. Brain storming works very well when you start to assimilate it to a different environment than the one you’re usually in. It also enhances creativity in that your brain is responding to different stimuli.
  • A chance to chat. Relationships are a series of conversations. As you walk, folks will be chatting about a variety of things that would normally be done in private or maybe around the water cooler. By the time that you get to the park all of the “chit chat” has been had and you can focus on the agenda at hand.
  • Mix things up. Varying the destination shifts the meeting flow by not sitting in the same seat, in the same room, with the same thoughts. Mix it up. Go to different parks, of have a different type of meeting, or both. Too many meetings follow the same agenda, with the same outcomes.

About the Author

TEC Speaker Merv NealMerv is an ex TEC member and has been a TEC speaker since 2010. As a Director of Holistic Services Group, he specializes in assisting businesses of all types and sizes to create and then implement their Workplace Wellbeing programs. For more information you can contact Merv on 0408 552269