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Workplace Wellbeing: Tip Number 5 – Have a standing/moving/walking meeting

How many times have you gone to a meeting and walked away saying “Well that was a waste of time.” There are three reasons why this may have been the case. The first is that you weren’t really required to be there in the first place. This could be that the agenda didn’t clearly stipulate what was to happen and therefore you turned up just in case, or you didn’t read it properly and make the call that it was a waste of time you being there. Secondly the meeting was run poorly in that it was merely a talk fest with everything being discussed but nothing being agreed to. Or finally there were no actions resulting from it. So how could we make meetings more productive?

Tip Number 5. Have a standing/moving/walking meeting

The point that I’m making with the above paragraph is that even if all of the above weren’t true, meetings can be rather boring and tedious affairs. If people don’t actually fall asleep, their brain does. Therefore you should discard the chairs, and even the room, and adopt the concept of a standing, moving, or walking meeting. Here are 5 reasons why more organisations are doing this.

  1. Standing engages your brain. If you try to stand up and disengage your brain you will fall over. If you get weary your body starts to sway which engages your brain even more. Having people’s minds engaged during a meeting is a good thing for robust discussions and outcomes.
  2. Motion creates emotion. After each agenda item get the people to move positions. They can stand and merely move one seat to the left or right, or better still move the number of seats relevant to the agenda item number. In other words the longer the meeting goes for then the more you move. This keeps the blood flowing and the brain engaged.
  3. Walking is exercise. During a walking meeting you are exercising as well. If your Workplace Wellbeing Program has you counting your steps daily, then you’re ticking two boxes instead of one. You can stop and discuss matters face to face, or have an end destination from where you can return to the office merely chatting and catching up on other matters. This ticks the “enhancing relationships box” also.
  4. Meetings are faster. Because people don’t like standing for long periods of time they want to finish the meeting quicker. People won’t tolerate getting off track or people waffling on for long periods. There is a lot more peer/team pressure in these environments to get on with it.
  5. Meetings are more interesting. This is like Dr Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats where we look at things differently. If you are moving around the room it’s as if you are actually looking at things from a different viewpoint. Try it and you’ll see what I mean. In summary get your meetings moving. Time doesn’t stand still so we shouldn’t either.

About the Author

TEC Speaker Merv NealMerv is an ex TEC member and has been a TEC speaker since 2010. As a Director of Holistic Services Group, he specializes in assisting businesses of all types and sizes to create and then implement their Workplace Wellbeing programs. For more information you can contact Merv on 0408 552269