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As CEO, you receive no shortage of advice. But how much of that advice comes from people who fully understand your situation and who have no agenda? Who can you turn to when you have decisions that directly affect your leadership team or the future of your business?

When you’re facing the big decisions, it can feel lonely. In fact, many CEOs struggle with isolation, according to a study by Stanford University and The Miles Group. More importantly, the study revealed that nearly two-thirds of CEOs do not receive outside leadership advice. This is risky when you consider the impact isolation can have on your business decisions and the success of your company.

Benefit from fresh perspectives

CEOs who don’t have access to outside perspectives from the right people can make uninformed decisions that imperil the success of their companies. Stephen Miles, CEO of The Miles Group, stated, ‘Even the best of the-best CEOs have their blind spots and can dramatically improve their performance with an outside perspective weighing in.’

That outside perspective can help you, as a CEO, avert disaster and substantially grow your company. And one of the best ways to gain perspective is to understand how you can leverage a peer advisory group in decision-making.

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Geoff Davey QuIHN Ltd - Better Access Medical Clinic

I have really valued my time with TEC and it is truly a great group of people and a solid support and foundation for self and business development.

What is a TEC peer advisory group?

A TEC peer advisory group is a forum for like-minded executives to come together and tap into each other’s insights and experiences to solve their challenges, learn and grow.

Being part of the right peer group can greatly help you to improve your decision-making, and ultimately spur faster company growth than that of your competitors.

When you’re more selective, more strategic and more structured in how you engage your peers you have the advantage.

That’s the benefit that successful CEOs and business owners experience when they engage a diverse group of their peers strategically, on an ongoing basis. In these group settings, CEOs help one another grapple with their toughest challenges and identify and pursue their most promising opportunities.

The 3 essential elements to better decision-making


Listening to your gut reaction to a situation or stimulus


Applying data and experience to analyse a situation


Seeking external expertise that can expand, influence or change your point of view.

As a CEO, you’ve got the instinct, and you’re already using your judgment. A peer advisory group can help you gain an outside perspective.

Adam Kennedy AME Recruiting

Reflecting on my journey since joining TEC –  After just 8 months, I can’t believe how much I have grown personally and professionally and put it down to TEC and the coaching and mentorship received.

Here's how a TEC peer advisory group works

High-integrity CEO peers who offer unbiased feedback

We match you with a peer advisory group of 12-16 high-caliber executives from non-competing industries. Your peers will have a comparable level of accomplishment, hold a similar role in the organisation as you and run companies of similar size.


Structured meetings with 100% confidentiality

Our proprietary issue processing helps members clarify their issues and talk candidly to identify solutions effectively and efficiently.  Subject-matter expert speakers conduct interactive workshops with group members to bring new insights that challenge traditional thinking.


A coach and mentor with years of real-world executive experience

Each group has a Chair, who guides the peer advisory group and provides one-to-one coaching and mentoring for each member. Chairs are accomplished business leaders, many of whom are former CEOs themselves.


Global network that provides even more perspectives

You have access to online industry and interest-specific networks via Vistage (our affiliate partner). These networks are a great resource for you to seek help with specific challenges and to expand your network.


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Chief Executive

For CEOs, MDs, and business owners, enabling you to focus on elements most critical to your long-term strategy and growth. Led by an accomplished business leader, this unbiased group will help you solve the most complex challenges and uncover opportunities to improve your leadership and drive results.
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Small Business

When you’re in the throes of the everyday demands of a small business, it’s easy to overlook the details that will drive long-term growth. With the help of a peer advisory group and executive coach, you can identify your blind spots, avoid pitfalls, make better decisions that will grow your business faster and more strategically.
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Key Executive

For results-driven senior executives to build leadership skills. Peer perspective and expert insights provide you with the knowledge, strategic thinking and confidence to help you play an even stronger supporting role in your company’s future and taking your career to the next level.
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