Member Testimonials

Our members know the benefits TEC membership can bring and they love sharing their stories with others.

They know the real payback from coaching and mentoring and difference their new personal skills, leadership capabilities and connections can bring.

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I have found TEC to be a most useful format both through the opportunity to reflect at the one-to-one sessions and the interaction and sharing of experiences at the group meetings.  The one-to-one sessions have proved to be an excellent sounding board for what is going well, what needs addressing and future actions.  Since joining TEC there has been an improved performance from the business and sales for 2015 exceeded 2014 performance significantly with an even greater % improvement in profitability. David Shepherd, General Manager, Ardex NZ - New Zealand

TEC Salvatore Malatesta St ALi Family Case Study

When you are the sole owner of an SME, you’ve really got no one else to talk to about your issues. TEC’s a good emotional check-in – the discussions that go in that room are incredibly handy and a lot of my ideas are generated out of discussions within that room. Salvatore Malatesta, CEO, St Ali Family - Victoria
TEC has given me the opportunity to develop not only my personal skills but also my business accruement. I have developed from a sole trader type mentality to a corporate orientated business that has allowed both my personal goals to be achieved as well as an ease of business development with systems and processors now in place along with a defined direction for the business. Also I have been able to pass on some newly learned skills to others that are struggling to mature with their own business. Thanks for all the help and guidanceJustin Hardy, Managing Director, Interquip Construction - Western Australia
Since joining TEC in June 2009, my business and personal life has been positively influenced from my TEC experience. I know I am a better leader and my business is far more robust than it would be had I not been involved in TEC. Danny Di Iorio, Managing Director, Aquamate - South Australia


Just being pulled out by TEC to work on the business, rather than working in the office and being questioned about your strategic thinking is a great value that TEC provides. Jon Evans, CEO, Enablis - New South Wales
As a business owner who fell into the roll as a naive 26 year old some 21 years ago I found it easy to get wound up in the day to day activities of trying to not only survive but prosper in a highly competitive field like Injection Moulding. Being a member of TEC has lifted my education level of what is Worlds Best Practice beyond the technical but in all levels of running a world-class business. The issues other members bring to our meetings are diverse and challenging forcing me to think of what if this was to happen to me in my business a very handy tool in risk management. Gordon Edwards as our Chair brings a professional approach and caring manner into the group while ensuring we also have great fun, of which I am most grateful. I would recommend any growing business entrepreneur to join our group. Gary Thompson, Managing Director, Garon Plastics- South Australia


Having been a TEC member for over 17 years I find that at each meeting I learn something that will benefit my company as well as myself. The monthly 2 hour meeting with my Chair is a medium to focus on the important issues and the big picture. Alister Haigh, Managing Director, Haigh’s Chocolates - South Australia
I have been inundated with terrific ideas from the huge variety of speakers we’ve had. Add to that the advice and comments from the group on my particular business issues, and the value I get is quite unique and invaluable. TEC has given me lots of tools to improve my business, and enjoy it more.Michael Amiel, Managing Director, RCR International - Victoria


The value is in the lessons you learn and having the ability to apply them to get to where you want to be. It’s also in the other people in the group; the people I’ve met along the way. If you want to take your business to the next level, do yourself a favour and join a group like TEC – it will take you there.Vicki Warne, Managing Director, AIB Insurance - Queensland
An unexpected benefit I received from joining TEC was that the other Group members quickly became friends who I could trust and confide in and who actually understood what running a business was all about.  This made me feel much less isolated.  Gordon is an excellent Chair, with brilliant communication and questioning skills.  More importantly, he has a deep and genuine concern for the wellbeing and happiness of his group members. Scott Battersby, Managing Director, ADL Resources - South Australia


Joining TEC opened my eyes to the opportunities available to grow a small business quite rapidly into a larger organisation – one that’s solid and has sound principles – in a strategic and well-managed way. The exposure to work with others in similar roles in non-competing businesses is incredibly valuable. Edward Singleton, Director, MPA Projects - New South Wales
As a CEO of a publicly listed company, it is critical that decisions are challenged and I have a high level of accountability for results – if this type of focus is important to you – TEC provides a great environment for the mechanisms and dynamic needed.Ray Smith-Roberts, CEO, East Coast Bullbars - Queensland


I’ve been a member of TEC for nine years and it’s something that I see as having absolute value to me, personally and professionally. In fact, my turnover tripled in the time I’ve been in TEC. I value the guidance from my Chair, Jerry Kleeman, and I consider him a mentor, a person who asks the hard questions when required. TEC provides an environment that allows you to do that in a way that encourages you to get a different point of view.Tique Bennett, Managing Director, Netcraft Australia - South Australia
I thought I would get some excellent tools and relationships – looking back these expectations were quite one dimensional compared to the full scope of influence that KEY membership has had on me. Michael Parker, State Manager, BT Financial Group - Western Australia


What TEC does is it gives me the ability to get a barometer of other businesses and how they are affected by the economy and other trends. I can look at how they handle a range of situations, particularly when it comes down to the things that we’ve all got in common – like staff, customers and developing and growing the business.Peter Mears, Managing Director, Device Technologies - New Zealand
I have been in TEC for over 9 years, and love the combination of support, challenge and inspiration that I get from being a TEC member. The quality of our Chairman and the presenters that TEC bring to the meetings is extremely high, and the challenge and learning of the executive sessions always fills me with vigour. I am a much better leader through my involvement with TEC.Ian Belton, Managing Director, Chrystal & Co Pty Ltd - Western Australia


TEC has given me support in my leadership role with the business – essentially I am a self-practitioner, and it is good to sort of have a de-facto board of directors through TEC. As with anything in life, what you get out of your TEC group is entirely proportional to what you put into it. Once you invest in and make the effort, you find you get back tenfold in terms of management and leadership support.Serina Pace, Principal, Pace Lawyers - South Australia
TEC 704 has been an integral part of the of my personal business development along the growth and progress of my company. We are privileged to have quality speakers on a regular basis sharing their knowledge on relevant business issues that have stretched my learning’s. The discussions around the table between group members, CEO’s of a variety of business’s, is hugely valuable, bringing a range of perspectives to issues raised. Barry Knight chairs these meetings very well, keeping us on track to make the most of our time together. My monthly 1:1 meeting with Barry is a time of encouragement and support.John Down, Managing Director, ENI Engineering - New Zealand


TEC’s been a great sounding board for our business in terms of giving me access to people that are going through similar experiences, and it really helped push us forwards with the sophistication of the way we run and manage the business.Cameron Tuesley, Managing Director, Integral Technology Solutions - Queensland
CEOs are so busy watching and improving the performances of their businesses and Executive teams, that they are likely to miss on the most important performance improvement….their own. TEC 13 has provided unparalleled growth and performance benchmarking opportunities, not to be found anywhere else. Mike Rungie, Chief Executive Officer - South Australia


Our business has grown 30 per cent year on year for the last few years and I attribute much of that success to what I’ve learnt through TEC. I find I learn a lot from my TEC colleagues, my chairman and the speakers. TEC gives me time out of the office every month to focus on strategy and the big picture and take a helicopter view of my business, which every business needs. Bobbi Mahlab, Managing Director, Mahlab Media - New South Wales
The benefits of TEC are not only measured by the growth and development of the CEO but also the people under the CEO. That directly flows down to a financial reward for the company Danielle Lendich, CEO, Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers - New Zealand


Before I started with TEC I was very insular in my outlook in relation to business. By entering into the TEC program I got to learn about the operation of 14 other businesses, and therefore got a broader view of what was actually happening in the greater business climate. For our business to be still growing through the GFC, and still showing strong growth and strong top and bottom line performance – that’s an indicator that the business is doing well. Obviously what I’m bringing back to the business from TEC is working, and I’m certainly learning a lot more about business life from the TEC experience. Paul Kahlert, General Manager, All Purpose Transport - Queensland
TEC has delivered a breadth of knowledge through world class speakers, a supportive environment and strong relationships with professionals in similar situations. It is a core component to my ongoing professional and personal growth and instrumental in the changes I deliver to clients and the business.Peter J Cody, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers - New Zealand


Sometimes you need an independent voice that can tell it straight like it is.Anthony Paech, Managing Director, Beerenberg Farm - South Australia