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West Australia news: Twinning program a great success –’the value cross boarder members receive is invaluable’.

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TEC Malaysia in WA

West Australia and Malaysian Group members participated in a combined Member Guest Day with TEC award winning speaker, Matt Tice. This day concluded with a short post-meeting networking event. The next day VCE-40 members, facilitated by John Beech and Lyn Harding were fortunate to experience a few member site visits hearing about their best practices and business models.

The purpose of this event was to establish and maintain across boarders connectivity between the TEC/Vistage members and also to see if the world wide Vistage / TEC network could be leveraged in a practical way for the benefit of members.

Prof Wilson Tay’s Malaysian Vistage VCE-40 Group members met with Lyn Harding & John Beech’s TEC 41 and TEC 45 members on 18th October 2018 at the Aloft Hotel in Perth to coincide with the Perth Retreat of VCE-40.

‘We had an extremely successful joint meeting of TEC41 and TEC45 with the Malaysian Vistage VCE 40 Group on Thursday last week. The post meeting networking event also worked very well with a large compliment of members and guests staying on for an hour or more.’ John Beech ( TEC Chair)

Dr Wilson Tay also shared his experience with a note to the international newsletter, click to read his article.


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