10 Ways To Protect Your Business Against Cyber Attacks [webinar]


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Given the new landscape business leaders are facing with the arrival of COVID-19 and the government guidelines changing the way we work, remote workers and people working from home pose new and unique risks to business. Scams and phishing have exponentially increased.

In this webinar Ross Marston explores 10 ways to protect your business against Cyber attacks:

  1. Be hyper vigilant of COVID Scams
  2. Your password Hygiene needs to be better than ever
  3. VPNs are mandatory
  4. Patch Patch Patch
  5. USB Drives are bad
  6. Back ups are more critical than ever
  7. Watch the WiFi
  8. How’s your Virtual Meeting Hygiene?
  9. Lock Devices
  10. Ban the Socials. (For news at least)

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