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Top 5 strategies for career success this year

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Top 5 strategies for career success this year

By TEC Member Anne Moore, CEO at PlanDo

There’s a brand new year upon us and like all fresh beginnings, it’s a time full of promise and opportunity.

How do you intend to follow through this year on your career goals and aspirations?  Whether your year is about growth in your current role, taking on new opportunities within your organisation or stepping into new and exciting challenges and opportunities in the big wide world beyond, here’s your compass to navigate your career success.

1.    Know what you bring to the table.  Reacquaint yourself with your strengths and motivators.  These will help you bring the most to any situation and show the line of least resistance between your passion, purpose and concrete contribution.

2.    Decide what skills you’d like to focus on building.  Do a bit of a stock take on where your soft skills and technical skills sit.  Where could you develop further?  Focus particularly on those transferrable skills that will tide you through the many and varied situations you could encounter this year.

3.    Build a 90 day plan.  Knowing what you want to achieve in the first days, week, month and three months this year will get you off to a good start and help you form habits for sustained success.  Think in terms of where your quick wins and foundations for success sit.

4.    Connect with people who can help you progress.  Think about mentors, coaches, peers and leaders who have your interests at heart.   Share with them and reciprocate where you can.  Work alliances go a long way to your sustained success.  A broad and diverse network of individuals you trust is a great strategy to ground you and ensure you’re prepared for opportunities ahead.  Remember, it’s not just what you know!

5.    Envisage what success will look like in twelve months’ time.  If 2016 goes to plan, what highlights will you look back on come 31 December.  Mapping your aspirations is an important element in creating the future you’ll love and enjoy.  There’s magic in set and forget.  Once you lock into a perceived future you will automatically navigate towards it, regardless of whether those aspirations are formally captured or not.  So go for it.  Dream big!

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