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The future is now: The agile workforce report

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The future is now the agile workforce

It’s clear that the workforce is evolving; desires and attitudes are changing. What is the ‘Future of Work’, its impact on the workforce and what must leaders do to embrace the change and disruption. The reality is that the business community has been caught off-guard, and the ‘future’ that has been talked about for so long, is now.

The traditional business model of a physical workplace manned by a predominantly permanent, full time workforce, delivering consistent revenue and predictable profit margins, has worked for so long.

Leaders must look to optimise business as usual while simultaneously evolving business for future growth through disruption as the perception of work, and how it is carried out, changes.Click to Tweet

For example, ‘work’ is no longer a physical place where employees go to for a set number of hours and days per week, nor do businesses today ‘own’ an employee’s career.

Current research shows that there are three key drivers influencing the ‘Future of Work’:

  • The (r)evolution of business – Disruptive forces are challenging traditional business models, as the lines between physical, digital and biological spheres blur
  • Technology as a liberator – New and emerging technology will, and already is, changing the way people work. It is automating the repetitive, as well as unlocking and evolving the skills of the human workforce
  • The future worker is already here – The rise of the gig economy, part time and flexible work, alongside industry and business demand for more transferrable skills, means the future worker has already arrived; and they are driving productivity and business results

Leaders have the opportunity to harness external disruptive forces and use them to nurture a workforce that can positively impact the bottom line.

Businesses that have already embraced change to create sustainable, agile workforces are attracting high quality talent, unlocking hidden potential, fuelling innovation and, most importantly, driving productivity and business growth.

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