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The 10 sites and apps every executive should be using

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The 10 sites and apps every executive should be using

There are plenty of apps that can help a CEO achieve highly. Here are 10 which can add value to a business leader and boost their productivity.

The internet and mobile devices have led to the creation of a range of resources that can streamline our lives, boost efficiency in the workplace and add to the reach of an organisation. For a CEO, mastering the use of this technology is essential, as they can provide new ways to achieve organisational goals and help their performance.

With over 1.5 million apps on Google Play and 1.4 million on Apple’s App Store, according to Statista, there are plenty of services that individuals and businesses now have access to. To help business leaders get the most from these new technologies, we’ve put together the top 10 most valuable apps and websites.

1) Coursera:

Being an effective business leader means being open to new experiences and constantly expanding your horizons. Coursera can help you achieve this, providing access to online courses offered by some of the world’s top universities for example Wharton Business School, Stanford, Yale, Princeton and more.

All of the offerings are free online and you can received a verified certificate of completion – making it much easier to fit them around a busy schedule

2) Evernote:

Evernote offers a simple way to organise your work through a single, intuitive process. The basic app is free – although premium subscriptions are available -it assist you to remember everything by taking notes, collecting photos and collaborating with colleagues through a single format.

As the software is cloud-based, Evernote can also be synchronised across every single one of your devices instantly, meaning you can always access the information you need.

3) TED app:

Since 1990, TED Talks have been offering a platform for thinkers and experts to share their ideas. With this mobile app, CEOs can now keep up with cutting-edge research and thinking on their industry they might otherwise have missed.

For a business leader, the real value is in drawing on ideas and innovation that might not be directly related to your industry but that challenge the way you run your company and make decisions.

4) Feedly:

Many CEOs will have a set number of news sources, blogs and online content they read every morning. Rather than having to visit each of these sites individually, Feedly combines them in a single website, simplifying the process of identifying and reading stories that are of interest to you.

The breadth of topics covered through Feedly also makes it easy to find new blogs and news sites that will be relevant to your industry and can provide you with new insights.

5) LinkedIn Pulse:

LinkedIn’s self-publishing platform Pulse has fast become a staple for CEOs and is a useful resource both for finding new ideas and also publishing your own insights and articles.

Because Pulse is integrated with the rest of LinkedIn’s platform, it also offers a useful avenue for building your own reputation on the site and finding new business contacts, while demonstrating your thought leadership.

6) CEO.com

One of the hardest challenges for CEOs looking for valid information is finding information that is suitable for their level within a company. CEO.com fills this role – providing articles that are targeted to the C-suite and also linking to relevant published material in a range of online sources.

The site also contains more in-depth information, including guides, reports and newsletters that can assist CEOs as they look to grow within their role and stay on top of the latest trends and news.

7) Asana

Asana is a messaging service designed to make it easier for teams within a business to collaborate, without relying on other communication methods like email. Instead, this online platform lets you and the teams you work with plan projects, allocate projects, send tasks and store information through a single useful format.

As well as having the functionality to synchronise across every device in your office, Asana can also be integrated with other services a business relies upon, such as Dropbox.

8) Dropbox

Dropbox continues to set the standard for cloud-based document storage and is ideal for any time when you need to store and access documents in a single secure place. Like many of the apps on this list, Dropbox can be synchronised across all your devices and easily be shared with colleagues overseas or in different offices.

Because files contained in a Dropbox account will be separate from your office, it also minimises the risk of documents being lost and prevents the possibility for document duplication. Dropbox is free for a small amount of storage and also offers a professional service where users are able to purchase more storage through a subscription model.

9) GoToMeeting

For collaborating with a dispersed workforce, GoToMeeting offers a simple alternative to a conference call. This software makes it easy to start and run a meeting over any device, making it easier to collaborate face to face without having to travel to meetings.

The software also allows you to share your screen, so it is ideal for working on complex projects where it is difficult to explain the relevant concepts through voice alone.

10) CamCard

While a lot of networking is now carried out through digital avenues, business cards remain as a simple way to start a relationship. CamCard aims to make it easy for individuals to store and manage the contacts they make, using a phone’s camera to read the information contained on a business card and then store it digitally.

The app also allows you to use a digital business card that can be exchanged instantly with other app users, removing the need for paper all together. For CEOs who are looking to manage a diverse range of contacts, the ability to store this on their smartphone is an invaluable resource.

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