Brad Church

#22: Goal setting – a new perspective

Brad Church likes to ask the question ‘who leads the leader?’. The answer is that as leaders we need to lead ourselves. That means inspiring ourselves toward our goals and our vision for the future.

Bram Connolly

#21: As a leader, how do you develop ‘resilience & bounce’ in your team?

Special Forces Veteran, Bram Connolly, demonstrates the 3 Fundamental Pillars for every leader through his unique art of storytelling.

Todd Coates

#20: Driving culture change ‘every climber every climb’

Todd Coates, founding CEO of the globally renowned Bridge Climb Sydney across two decades – voted the best experience in Australia and 4th best on the planet.

Gaj Ravichandra

#19: What is mental toughness and how does it affect your performance?

As a peak performance coach, Gaj Ravichandra assists individuals, sporting teams and educational institutions to enhance and maximise their potential and performance.

Graham Morgan

#18: Are you and your business game ready?

Graham Morgan, explains what ‘game ready’ really means. A must listen for every small and mid-size business leader.

Colin Chodos

#17: ‘Always in the white water’ – who copes with change better? Women or men, older or younger?

Colin Chodos, shares his insights into what you can do, as a leader or manager to help individuals, teams and the organisation navigate that change.

David Thomas

#16: Should every business have a china strategy?

David Thomas, explores the business growth and commercial opportunities for Australian businesses with China, particularly the limitless inbound opportunities.

Sven Hansen

#15: What can you do as a leader to get into the right zone and perform at your optimum?

Sven Hansen makes the case that leaders need to make a strategic investments in building their resilience resources.

Mike Logan

#14: Do you have the self-discipline to be really curious?

Mike Logan, talks about the challenge for CEOs and Business Leaders to step back from having all the answers.