Garry Thomson

#31: Emotional wellbeing for families

Garry Thomson, CEO of Uplifting Australia, is a social innovator in family development. He shares practical tools you can immediately apply for a healthy emotional system.

Trudy MacDonald

#30: Taking your company from good to great

Trudy MacDonald, Managing Director at TalentCode HR shares three straightforward tools and techniques for increasing performance in your teams.

Viren Thakrar

#29: A learning mindset – a winning strategy for you right now

Viren Thakrar, looks at the opportunity to re-imagine how work is done and how we go about things.

Ron Schwartz

#28: Leaders finding new ways to build trust and hope

Ron Schwartz, has partnered with CEOs, business owners and senior executives to enhance individual, team and organisational performance by aligning effort with intention.

Susanne Bransgrove

#26: Good business comes from good family

Susanne Bransgrove, shares a powerful quadrant framework for a balanced approach in meeting the needs of multiple generations to provide business sustainability and family harmony.

Ashton Bishop

#27: Communication in a time of uncertainty – a leadership opportunity

Ashton Bishop, CEO at Step Change discusses what’s important for leaders to remember when communicating in times of crisis.

Matthew Le Merle

#25: Understanding blockchain – the technologies that have bought us so far can’t take us into the future

Matthew Le Merle co-founder of Fifth Era which manages Blockchain Co-investors, addresses a highly discussed topic within the business community, Blockchain technology.

Warren Hogan

#24: Economic outlook 2020 for SMEs

Chief Economic Advisor, Warren Hogan led a TEC Economic Outlook 2020 Breakfast in the first week of February.

Kerry Skellern

#23: Strategic planning in a dynamic mid-size business environment

Getting started is the biggest hurdle for strategic planning. Kerry Skellern, discusses how start, create, and then execute on that strategy?