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Keep up to date on the latest economic trends, business challenges and leadership insights with TEC Live, hosted by Stephanie Christopher, CEO at TEC

Join Stephanie as she sits down with successful business leaders and inspiring guests covering wide-ranging interviews on all things leadership, exploring the questions that are top of mind for SME business leaders.  Guests share tactical insights and takeaways to inform and inspire you every time you listen.

Regular guest Warren Hogan, Chief Economic Advisor TEC and Business Professor at UTS Business School Sydney, will provide timely economic updates influencing business.

If you are passionate about growth, honing your leadership skills, improving your decision making or just interested in what other business leaders are doing, then this podcast is for you.

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Skiing in Japan waist deep in snow and LOST….Decision making has never sounded so suspenseful!

Episode 4:
Will Meere, a young doctor takes time out for a short trip to Tokyo, Japan and then decides to journey northwards for a few days skiing. After 2 and half days of awesome powder skiing, confidence was high and on the 3rd day he pushed higher up the mountain and onto more difficult runs. Suddenly skiing through a precipice, falling and finding himself on the wrong side of the mountain in unfamiliar territory, alone and still overconfident in the decisions he was yet to make proved to be a potentially deadly predicament to find himself in.....This adventure would test his mental and physical stamina.... Listen to this roller coaster of an adventure!

The process of Innovation is all about risk reduction and risk mitigation – Applying a scientific methodology.

Episode 3:

John Beech talks with Stephanie about applying a scientific methodology to Innovation. Taking the mystery away from entrepreneurship and innovation, ‘something most people learn at school - how to have an idea and test it.’ John assists companies with strategy development and execution with a focus on commercialising innovations developed into global markets. With over 30 years’ experience in the development, commercialisation and financing of new technologies, John is a regular Speaker on Business Model Innovation and until recently was a TEC Chair for over 15 years....Love the problem not your solution!

Innovation demystified – How, Why and When should business leaders Innovate

Episode 2:
What does Innovation look like for business and where do you start? Stephen Rutter, Founder of The Scale Institute talks to Stephanie Christopher demystifying the latest buzzword. Innovation can be as simple as changing processes to solving complex problems or driving transformational change for business.

Economic Insights with Warren Hogan – April 2019

Episode 1:
Former ANZ Chief Economist and Industry Professor at UTS Business School, Warren Hogan in conversation with Stephanie Christopher, TEC CEO providing robust insights and comment on current economic climate and implications for SMEs.

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