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If you are passionate about growth, honing your leadership skills, improving your decision making or just interested in what other business leaders are doing, then this podcast is for you.

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Taking your company from good to great

Episode 30:
For any leader that wants to grow their business there are 3 fundamentals that you need to have in place. In this podcast Trudy MacDonald shares the top 3 and also gives leaders tips on how to create a culture of accountability and engagement in your workplace.

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A Learning Mindset – A Winning Strategy For You Right Now

Episode 29:
Just because everyone is working flexibly, remotely, putting in place modern practices or trying to put in place modern practices, there's a difference between doing them well and doing them. The tendency is to take the old way of doing things and just translate them to an online format. This is an opportunity to re-imagine how work is done and how we go about things.

What can business leaders take into the next steps of our future that we're building for ourselves as leaders and proud businesses?

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Leaders Finding New Ways to Build Trust and Hope

Episode 28:
Over the last few weeks business leaders are finding that they need to find new ways to build trust and hope in a distributed workforce with increased social distancing and lacking the normal intimacy of face to face. In this podcast Ron Schwartz, a corporate change agent, organisational designer and business innovator discusses Leadership and the Equations of Hope & Trust in this these uncertain times, and the power of the words in the following equations. Read transcript

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Communication in a Time of Uncertainty.

Episode 27:
'Communication is not what is said but what is received' - Ashton Bishop talks to Stephanie about what's important for leaders to remember when communicating in times of uncertainty...People are looking to their leaders for leadership and as things are moving so quickly, staying calm and intentional is essential. Read transcript

Check in regularly and check in with intent. Make sure you are taking the time to slow down and check-in with each team member to find out where they are on the continuum of change. Download one page Crisis Comms Model  or get further information on the 5Cs of Crisis Response here.

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Good Business comes from Good Family

Episode 26:
Susanne Bransgrove is Founder and Director of Women in Family Business and LiquidGold Consultants. Susanne's passion for family businesses is built on her experience as a 3rd generation member of a successful German business, allowing her to truly understand the range of issues that exist in a family business, especially when trying to meet the needs of multiple generations. In this podcast Susanne guides us through solving issues through manageable discussion frameworks, functional governance structures and facilitating conversations to enable meaningful interactions supporting the important human element and emotional side of long-term business and family decisions. Find out about the powerful quadrant framework for a balanced approach to provide business sustainability, people focus and family harmony. Read transcript

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Understanding Blockchain – the technologies that have bought so far can’t take us into the future

Episode 25:
Matthew Le Merle is co-founder and Managing Partner of Fifth Era which manages Blockchain Co-investors - the world's leading Blockchain venture fund of funds. Hear the simple actions you can take to be ahead of the game in the digital economy of the future… it’s all about mindset!

Matthew takes a potentially complicated subject matter, Blockchain technology, and simplifies the concept and future applications. This technology will change our lives significantly! Read transcript

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Economic Outlook 2020 for SMEs

Episode 24:
Chief Economic Advisor, Warren Hogan led a TEC Economic Outlook 2020 Breakfast in the first week of February. Warren provided analysis and commentary on the current economic outlook and the global and local factors in play for business in the year ahead. Adam Creighton, Economics Editor, The Australian also features in a response which gives the listener another perspective to consider.

A must listen podcast for insights to help business leaders navigate the current uncertain economic conditions and to support strategic decision making.

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Strategic Planning in a dynamic mid size business environment

Episode 23:
Getting started is the biggest hurdle for strategic planning in mid size businesses. How do you get started, create, and then execute on that strategy? In this podcast Kerry Skellern gives a practical strategic framework and talks to the 3 key elements that kick start the process. Kerry and Stephanie further explore these 3 elements with no jargon examples to help simplify the process and what to look out for on the way. Read Transcript

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Goal Setting – A New Perspective

Episode 22:
Brad Church takes Stephanie through his step by step repeatable process for goal setting that helps people make progress toward their true state of well-being. Rather than 'work life balance', Brad believes that what we are all really striving for is well-being, a state characterised by health, happiness and prosperity. In order to achieve this state of well-being, we need to approach goal setting, from a new perspective. Read transcript

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As a leader, How do you develop ‘Resilience & Bounce’ in your team? Good military storytelling!

Episode 21:
Special Forces Veteran, Bram Connolly, demonstrates the three fundamental pillars for every leader (Preparation, Communication and Positivity) through his unique art of story telling drawing from real life experiences over his 20 year career in the Australian Defence Force, 15 years' of which were spent in the Australian Special Forces!

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Driving Culture Change ‘Every climber every climb’

Episode 20:
Todd Coates founding CEO of the globally renowned Bridge Climb Sydney across two decades – voted the best experience in Australia and 4th best on the planet. Todd shares this leadership journey with Stephanie, looking at how a winning customer-centric culture was created from start up through to a crew of over 200 people. 'Culture exists the moment the 3rd person walks in the door'. 'Culture is' whether you know it or not, so be intentional. Read transcript

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What is Mental Toughness and how does it affect your Performance?

Episode 19:
Stephanie chats with Gaj Ravichandra on mental toughness. Research has shown that mental toughness is 3 times more impactful than academic ability and performance in terms of success and happiness. Gaj as a Peak Performance coach,  assists individuals, sporting teams and educational institutions to enhance and maximise their potential and performance. Do you believe that you are control of your life and you can control your destiny or are you leaving it up to fate? Are you the Bus Driver or a Passenger? What is in your control that you can be impacting positive change in your lives? Gaj applies a Model of Mental toughness developed by AQR that identifies 4 Critical Components to mental toughness, Find out what the ‘4 Cs are. Read transcript

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Are you and your business Game Ready?

Episode 18:
Stephanie chats with Graham Morgan explaining what 'Game Ready' really means. A must listen for every small and midsize business leader, if the ultimate outcome of your business is a sale or you are a founder planning to transition your business further down the track you need to start now. Make sure you have a 360˚ view of your business with the ability to pivot for an opportunity or misfortune as you never know what’s around the corner... Read transcript

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‘Always in the White Water’ – Who copes with change better? Women or Men, Older or Younger?

Episode 17:
Stephanie chats with Colin Chodos on the five main reasons that people resist change in an organisation. Great change leaders focus on people and process, Colin shares his tips on how to drive successful cultural change and what to look out for on the way. Read transcript

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Should every business have a China Strategy?

Episode 16:
Stephanie chats with David Thomas on exploring the business growth and commercial opportunities for Australian businesses with China, particularly the limitless Inbound opportunities. 80% of China’s GDP is now generated by the Chinese domestic market … so where are the business opportunities in China for Australian and New Zealand businesses? The window of opportunity is closing for outbound opportunities, but what about the Inbound opportunities and what is the difference?

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Resilience – applying sports science to good business and leadership. What can you do as a leader to get into the right zone and perform at your optimum?

Episode 15:
Stephanie chats with Sven Hansen on the important concepts for today’s leaders who need to perform at their optimum. Sven makes the case that leaders need to make a strategic investment in building their resilience resources. Sven and Stephanie discuss:

  • The Importance of Sleep and the Impact of Stimulation Overload on Leadership and critical Decision Making.
  • Presence & Flow and the impact it can have on you as a leader and how to structure your day for Flow.
  • Self-awareness check-ins and more. Read transcript

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Do you have the self-discipline to be really curious?

Episode 14:
The challenge for CEOs and Business Leaders is to get out of the content and coach their teams to ask the 'process questions', as collectively the answer may result in a far better one. Stephanie chats with Mike Logan on his Asking Leader methodology to create engagement and accountability in teams which creates deep engagement and accountability. As a problem well understood and well explored is a problem that’s mostly solved. The more perspectives you give a question then you will get an idea what the real problem is. Read transcript

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Family Business – Where Business Dynamics meets Family Dynamics

Episode 13:
Stephanie chats with John Broons, National Family Business Advisor of the Year Award Winner. John helps family businesses build their legacies and reclaim their family lives.  He reveals the differences, opportunities and challenges of family business. 'A business has a fixed time frame but a family is forever.' Values are the foundations of a family business and understanding these values is critical to navigating the business success. Some of the questions John covers are: What are the rules of engagement and what are the rules about entry and exit? How do family members represent the brand and who is the best person to do this? and Do you have a family charter that’s dynamic? Read transcript

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Cultivating Agile Organisations – critical for businesses to survive and thrive in the coming decade.

Episode 12:
Stephanie talks to Maja Paleka about what organisations of the future will look like and how to get there. Maja is a co-founder and director of Juggle Strategies, a consultancy that works with organisations looking for better ways to work. She works with them to help shift the mindsets, capabilities and then behaviour of their people to support the new models they co-design. Ultimately, it is about creating workplaces of the future so that people, organisations and their communities can thrive.

The last five years has seen the ‘Future of Work’ become a topic of intense focus and speculation in the business world. Work environments, organisational structures and the motivations behind work have transformed. Leaders of the future will need to shift their focus to adapt to this changing environment. Read transcript

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Intentional – Great Leaders build time into their day for learning.

Episode 11:
Gary Bertwistle has always had a passion for innovation and creativity. His career has spanned the retail, music, media, corporate education and radio industries. Gary’s drive comes from having people and organisations think differently to generate new ways of doing things. In this podcast Gary and Stephanie cover a lot of ground from Podcast popularity - What’s changed to make Podcasting popularity; Great Leaders build time into their day for learning; and Challenging the existing business formulas and paradigms. It's all about being Intentional, Curious and 'Skill Stacking'!

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Is there a better road ahead in FY 2020 for mid size and small business CEOs and business owners?

Episode 10:
Stephanie and Warren Hogan Chief Economic Advisor at TEC discuss the latest TEC CEO Confidence Index which reveals confidence has jumped in last 3 months. CEOs and business owners are feeling the economy has turned a corner but it isn’t all clear roads ahead; with talent and access to credit remaining key challenges for leaders looking to drive growth in FY 2020. CEOs remain optimistic about their own prospects, forecasting growth and increased investment in the next 12 months. Read transcript

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Do great sales people have to be born a great sales person or can you train and develop a successful sales person?

Episode 9:
Greg Donlan talks with Stephanie about the transformation of selling. Greg has had a long and successful carer in sales leadership, education and innovation across a diverse range of industries and has seen selling change dramatically. Successful companies are using a modern approach to selling which is a sophisticated system and more about educating than selling, which is easy to replicate and achieve consistent results. Read transcript

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The Future of Work Is Already Here! What is an Agile Workforce?

Episode 8:
How successful business leaders are embracing the new paradigm of work and leveraging their competitive advantage. What is fractional work? Old Work Paradigm  (Organisational structures with clearly defined roles / Traditional roles and the traditional working week) Vs The New Work Paradigm - (Highly skilled people working for fractions of a week or fractions of a traditional role). Stephanie chats with Victoria Stuart and Stephanie Reuss from Beam on the flexible workplace, the shift in work and the hidden talent pool. Read transcript

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Customer Centricity – How do you surprise and delight your customers?

Episode 7:
Ashton Bishop, CEO, Step Change talks to Stephanie about the ‘7 Customer Centric Shifts’ that Business Leaders need to adopt to become truly 'Customer Centric'. Seeing the person behind the customer... Maximising the value they receive …while removing anything that reduces their ease of interaction. Read transcript

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Are there sharks in the water? Cybersecurity is no longer just the responsibility of your IT

Episode 6 :
What's a military term 'OODA Loop' got to do with cyber risk? Ross Marston, Founder and Chief Security Strategist for Business Intelligence Security has had over 30 years experience protecting companies against cyber attack and educating businesses, large and small, government and private about reducing cyber risk. Cyber risk is the new OH&S. Business leaders must take a Risk Management Approach as it’s not a technical issue. In this podcast Ross highlights what to look for and what you, your staff and your company can do to minimize the risk and reduce the impact of a cyber attack. Read transcript

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How can you be in business and not know where your cash is? – ‘It’s about the management of cash more than the management of profit’

Episode 5:
John Stewart, talks about the importance of forecasting your balance sheet. It's about the management of cash more than the management of profit. Everyone knows 'Cash is King' and 'You only run out of cash once'. Most people in business understand these as a statements, however John has found that most business leaders' ability to know where their cash is and their ability to forecast their cash is wanting. 'You can keep a business alive with poor profit and strong cash flow, however if you have a business with strong profit and poor cash flow your business is at risk.'

It's about the management of cash more than the management of profit!

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Skiing in Japan waist deep in snow and LOST….Decision making has never sounded so suspenseful!

Episode 4:
Will Meere, a young doctor takes time out for a short trip to Tokyo, Japan and then decides to journey northwards for a few days skiing. After 2 and half days of awesome powder skiing, confidence was high and on the 3rd day he pushed higher up the mountain and onto more difficult runs. Suddenly skiing through a precipice, falling and finding himself on the wrong side of the mountain in unfamiliar territory, alone and still overconfident in the decisions he was yet to make proved to be a potentially deadly predicament to find himself in.....This adventure would test his mental and physical stamina.... Listen to this roller coaster of an adventure! Read transcript

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The process of Innovation is all about risk reduction and risk mitigation – Applying a scientific methodology.

Episode 3:
John Beech talks with Stephanie about applying a scientific methodology to Innovation. Taking the mystery away from entrepreneurship and innovation, ‘something most people learn at school - how to have an idea and test it.’ John assists companies with strategy development and execution with a focus on commercialising innovations developed into global markets. With over 30 years’ experience in the development, commercialisation and financing of new technologies, John is a regular Speaker on Business Model Innovation and until recently was a TEC Chair for over 15 years....Love the problem not your solution! Read transcript

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Innovation demystified – How, Why and When should business leaders Innovate

Episode 2:
What does Innovation look like for business and where do you start? Stephen Rutter, Founder of The Scale Institute talks to Stephanie Christopher demystifying the latest buzzword. Innovation can be as simple as changing processes to solving complex problems or driving transformational change for business. Read transcript

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Economic Insights with Warren Hogan – April 2019

Episode 1:
Former ANZ Chief Economist and Industry Professor at UTS Business School, Warren Hogan in conversation with Stephanie Christopher, TEC CEO providing robust insights and comment on current economic climate and implications for SMEs.

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