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Aligning global resources for local impact

After 38 years TEC is now Vistage. Vistage is the world’s largest peer advisory and executive coaching organisation. Members span continents, industries and cultures. This is where CEOs and business owners support each other, focused on mutual success — diverse minds collaborate, share insights and shape the future.

With over a century of combined experience, the integration of TEC and Vistage sets a new standard for leadership development and business success.  

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45,000 Members. 35 Countries. 1 Goal…

Better Leaders. Better Decisions. Better Outcomes

Empowering CEOs and Business Owners Worldwide

TEC’s impressive portfolio of resources is about to get even more robust with the integration of Vistage, offering an expanded suite of leadership development resources. This partnership means SME CEOs and business owners will have access to a wealth of additional tools, workshops, and expertise to enhance their leadership skills and drive business growth.

Together, TEC and Vistage are poised to empower SME leaders with unparalleled support and resources for your professional development journey, where every decision you make shapes your company’s future.

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Member benefits include:

  • Access to an Expansive Peer Network
    45,000 members. Increased opportunities for collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing.
  • Peer Advisory Group Participation
    A peer advisory group is made up of 12-16 other CEOs or local business owners. It’s like having a confidential, private advisory board to troubleshoot problems, vet ideas and identify blind spots.
  • Mentoring with a World-class Executive Coach
    Our leadership guides are called TEC Chairs and are accomplished business leaders who’ve led companies to greater heights throughout their careers. Now, they want to share that wisdom and knowledge.
  • Diverse Perspectives and Insights 
    35 countries, a wealth of diverse perspectives across various countries, industries, business types and cultural backgrounds.
  • Increased Business Opportunities
    Explore new business opportunities, partnerships and collaborations internationally; enter new markets, form strategic alliances or meet potential investors.
  • Expanded Learning Opportunities
    Exclusive webinars, thought leadership articles, industry reports, international speakers, cutting-edge leadership development content and other valuable tools and resources.

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