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We are often asked for comments and input about topical business issues and challenges,  tapping into the expertise of our CEO mentors and executive coaches, along with our members who are acknowledged as business leaders in their industries. See what the TEC community has been up to recently by reading some of our media coverage across Australia and New Zealand.

CEO Coaching: What it’s like telling a CEO what to do

23 December 2016 – Thet make a living out of being the smartest people in the room and bossing others around, so how do you tell a CEO what to do? – news.com.au

The New Year’s resolutions 31 successful Australian executives are making for 2017

15 December 2016 – With only a couple of weeks left of 2016, it’s time to start thinking about the New Year.  Here are the resolutions of 31 successful Australia executives on how they plan to make 2017 one to remember… – Business Insider

Success tips from former CEOs

7 May 2016 – Improved business conditions and confidence have allowed for an optimistic first quarter in 2016, compared with the cautious sentiment felt in Q4 2015 following widespread global economic uncertainty… – Western Sydney Business Access

Strategies for leadership: Rethinking the management agenda

25 February 2016 – Leaders are change agents that play a transformational role in every organisation’s efforts to overcome market challenges and drive business forward towards innovation and growth… – Western Sydney Business Access

What 36 Australian CEOs do when they get home

23 February 2016 – Knowing when to switch off and rejuvenate, so that you don’t burn out, is an important part of being a good leader. Business Insider asked 36 CEOs for their routines as soon as they walk in the front door… – Business Insider

40 Australian executives share the one interview question that they always ask

19 February 2016 – So, what if you could determine whether they will be the right fit for the role, and the company, simply by asking them one question… – Business Insider

Every business needs a ‘China Strategy’

16 December, 2015 — China is one of the great economic growth stories of the past 30 years. Currently undergoing a period of significant change, its economy is shifting away from the traditional investment and export-led model… – WA Business News

We are full of possibility: What I learnt from my time at the International Women’s Forum World Leadership Conference

15 December, 2015 — As the female CEO of a network of CEOs, I am deeply passionate about women in leadership. In late October I travelled to Boston, Massachusetts to attend the IWF World Leadership Conference, to understand how women are changing tomorrow, today…  – Women’s Agenda

Well-earned breaks

3 December, 2015 — It’s been a busy year for Australia’s executives. They share their holiday plans with Chris Sheedy – Qnews Qantas Inflight Magazine

What 11 CEOs would do differently if they were starting their careers again

28 October, 2015 — Established business leaders have a clear vision, defined goals and a drive to always be better. Just because they know what they want today, however, doesn’t mean that has always been so… – Business Insider

The secrets to business success in the next five years

1 October, 2015 — These are the top four areas attendees agreed would unlock opportunity in the lead up to 2020… – BRW

Which type of leader are you?

27 August, 2015 — Do you identify with Arianna Huffington’s leadership style? Or are you more of a Warren Buffett type? – Financial Review

These 4 areas of focus will help Australian businesses unlock opportunities in 2020

26 August, 2015 — Business Insider spoke to CEO Stephanie Christopher to find out what the top four areas these CEOs identified as target areas were… – Business Insider

Here’s what 32 executives want employees to do in their first week at a new job

5 August, 2015 — So to get a handle on what leaders expect of people in a new role, Business Insider asked some CEOs and executives what they want their employees to do in the first week at a new job… – Business Insider

How to stay motivated as a small business owner

4 August, 2015 — Motivation is an essential ingredient for small business success, but it can be elusive at times. That’s why knowing how to find your business mojo is so important when the going gets tough… – ShortPress

6 executives share their most embarrassing cultural faux pas while travelling for business

17 Juy, 2015—Travelling for business is an exciting time, but with new places and people comes local customs not everyone knows about… – Business Insider

The songs these 31 successful executives listen to when they want to be more productive

29 Jun, 2015—Finding the focus and motivation to kick into gear can be hard, but sometimes all it takes is listening to the right song… – Business Insider

CEOs reveal their biggest mistakes

29 Jun, 2015 — Chances are, your boss has made more than you. Here, six Aussie chief executives reveal some of their early blunders, and importantly, what they learned in the process… – news.com.au

Workplace mentors can work miracles

30 May, 2015 — If a business leader wants to succeed, the most important advice Stephanie Christopher has is to encourage them to find a mentor and a peer group to share ideas… – The Australian

18 CEOs explain how they want people to respond to making a mistake at work

29 May, 2015 — Making a mistake at work can be disheartening. Having the CEO find out about it can make you feel even worse… – Business Insider

Execs discuss steps to take

27 May, 2015  — We asked five chief executive officers affiliated with business owner networking business The Executive Connection to give us tips on climbing the ladder… –  News Local – Print

Here are the tricks these 19 successful Australian executives use to overcome jet lag

14 May, 2015  — Business Insider reached out to CEOs and executives who regularly travel to find out their secrets for beating jet lag… – Business Insider

Five CEOs on the best advice they ever received

11 May, 2015  — Good advice can go a long way. In fact, some of the most accomplished people in business say that good advice was the secret to their success… – Financial Review