TEC 13 Creates History — First TEC Meeting in Federal Parliament

TEC 13 has a number of long terms members including Bob Day AO who has been a member for 25 years. In February the group chaired by Adrian Geering held it’s monthly meeting over two days at Parliament house in Canberra: definitely an experience worth sharing.
TEC 13 Parliament House

TEC 13 has a number of long terms members including Bob Day AO who has been a member for 25 years.  Bob had a dream for many years of being elected to parliament so that he could influence the direction of Australia.  He is the Federal leader of Family First and became a senator at the last election.

Bob is CEO and owner of a national group of companies called Home Australia. 40 years ago Bob began a home building company in SA and over the years he has expanded into Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

Over his years as a CEO, Bob has held many roles including the National President of HIA. He is truly a remarkable human being. Over the past twenty years, TEC 13 and I have journeyed with Bob in his desire to enter Parliament. When Bob was elected to the Senate, I reminded him of TEC 13’s commitment to go to Canberra in order to visit his work place as well as to recognise and celebrate the journey of a lifetime.

So it was that on 26th and 27th February that the TEC 13 meeting was held in Parliament house in Canberra: definitely a unique first!

This auspicious occasion included members and partners, it was an outstanding event and all 28 people present greatly enjoyed the wonderful experience in our nation’s capital. We were delighted that Stephanie and Paul Christopher were able to join us and significant that Stephanie was able to meet Bruce Billson the Minister for small business. Coincidently, I had met Bruce in Adelaide several months ago and introduced TEC to him.

After observing question time on Thursday afternoon , we went to a private meeting room  and spent three hours speed dating politicians ( as one member called it), being addressed by the following 8 ministers from the cabinet and 3 senators:

Hon Joe Hockey MP (Treasurer)
Sen Hon Mathias Cormann (Min for Finance)
Hon Scott Morrison MP (Min for Social Services)
Hon Christopher Pyne MP (Min for Education & Training)
Hon Bruce Billson MP (Min for Small Business)
Hon Ian Macfarlane MP (Min for Industry and Science )
Hon Sussan Ley MP (Min for Health and Sport)
Hon Kevin Andrews (Min for Defence)

Sen Cory Bernardi
Sen Nick Xenophon
Sen Penny Wong

TEC 13 Parliament House Bob Day

It was amazing that such a wide range of views were covered in such a short space of time .Some TEC 13 members who spoke of problems they experienced  with federal departments were able to have access to the current minister, and each promised to look into the issues raised and communicate back with our members. What was evident from the speakers was both the range of skills, experiences, values and outlook and the high esteem in which they all held Bob by making themselves available to meet with us.

The second day began early with a private tour behind the scenes at Parliament House including Bob’s office and suite of facilities. So much to see in such a short time but in a word, suffice to say how magnificent Parliament House is and how much symbolism!

After this tour, we went into our meeting and the partners adjourned to one of the cafés within Parliament House.  We heard Bob’s incredible story and he received feedback and advice as he moves forward into the days ahead.

I was very appreciative of the success of this 2 day event. It had a significant impact on the group, members and their partners! How amazing to witness a person’s life commitment being achieved and the major role   we had played in that journey! How wonderful to see firsthand the great opportunity that now lies before him.

If we had held this meeting in South Australia with Bob hosting, it could never have had the impact that it did being held in Canberra. It is so important for TEC members to visit a member’s facilities.

TEC Chair Adrian Geering