Chair since: 2014
Group: TECR 803

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Ron’s career in business has provided him with vast experience as a senior manager, working with just three iconic businesses in this time, commencing as General Manager for the Betts footwear group in Australia, then General Manager Operations for Hannahs New Zealand and as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the New Zealand publicly listed apparel group: Postie Plus Group Ltd.

In each of the three family businesses, Ron has been given the responsibility of implementing successful and sustainable growth plans, requiring him to live in most capital cities of Australia and New Zealand for a period of time; as a result, he has an extensive knowledge of both countries.

Ron’s most recent corporate role as CEO of PPGL provided immense satisfaction and growth; he resigned from this role in July 2012 and remained through to January 2013 to oversee the successful relocation of the Head Office in Auckland. The knowledge that he has gained as the Company’s leader allows him to provide greater cut through on strategic issues in support of the CEO.

Ron has since commenced consulting to SME’s in the retail sector. The primary purpose for him to embrace consulting was to ensure that he remained in touch with the New Zealand retail industry and to provide a difference to selected businesses by working alongside owners and senior management. To date, Ron enjoys understanding new businesses’ issues and providing solutions for a sustainable outcome.

As a consultant, his preference is to work closely with businesses to ensure that the agreed plans are seen through to their adoption and implementation by all sectors of management.

His mission is to implement business plans based on and around:


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