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Group: TEC 30

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Rod is an expert at helping businesses communicate to their respective markets. As an independent business consultant, he brings strategic thinking and practical discipline to organisations across the fields of marketing, communication and advertising. He has been working in the industry for more than 30 years, almost half of which was spent as a Director of Clemenger BBDO Adelaide, part of Clemenger Group, the largest and most successful marketing communications company in Australasia.

Rod also completed significant terms at a number of other high-profile organisations in the marketing, communications and advertising industries. These include almost 7 years with Young and Rubicam in both Adelaide and Melbourne, and 13 years on the client side with Berrivale Orchards.

In his decades of experience, Rod has succeeded in building brand recognition for his clients within Australia and on a global scale. It’s this expertise developed over time that has led to various achievements as an independent consultant. In 2009, Rod created Rod Buchecker Strategic Brand Management. The consulting practice, based in Adelaide, helps people to achieve in the same areas Rod has over the course of his career: Brand strategy, marketing communications and consumer insights.

The practice connects CEOs and senior executives from a variety of public and private sector companies with the knowledge and guidance they need to find success. As an Ambassador for Thought Leaders Global, Rod is also able to lead people to find clear directions for future growth.

According to his members, Rod offers a brand of leadership built on an awareness of the latest thought leadership trends and a well-rounded personal and professional perspective to the people he mentors. He has also been praised for his ability to provide direction and help people start thinking about strategic planning.

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