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Our case studies highlight how TEC makes a difference to our members and assists with their personal development. They also help share the solutions that TEC members have implemented to overcome the common SME challenges faced daily.

Meet some of our members

Alister Haigh – Haigh Chocolates

As a fourth-generation family-owned chocolate business originating in Adelaide, Haigh’s is no stranger to the ins and outs of chocolate world. The company has expanded since is started in 1915, with 14 outlets across three capital cities and hopes to remain a family business.

Angie Paskevicius – Holyoake

As the leader of an organisation aimed at making positive changes in people’s lives, Angie Paskevicius knows all about bringing the best out of those around her.

Anthony Paech – Beerenberg Farm

Beerenberg Farm has stayed true to its continental roots, whilst developing into a quintessentially Australian brand and one of the most well-known names in the country’s FMCG sector. Under Anthony’s leadership, Beerenberg Farm has expanded into a global operation, with 20 per cent of its products being exported.

Ben Walker – Inspire CA

Ben Walker - Inspire CA

Ben has led Inspire CA to significant success over nearly three years of operations, but getting to this position has required him to develop his own leadership style and ensure that he is delegating responsibilities and tasks appropriately.

Bobbi Mahlab – Mahlab Media

Mahlab Media is a fast-growing content marketing and custom publishing provider, servicing every state in Australia as well as markets in the US and the UK. Bobbi Mahlab, Managing Director has adapted her company to meet the demands of an ever-changing market and industry.

Bronwyn Condon – Marsh & Partners

Bronwyn Condon - Marsh & Partners

There are many ways people come into a management role. For Bronwyn Condon, managing partner of the accounting firm Marsh & Partners, this journey involved moving up the company’s ranks from a graduate and taking on more responsibility until she reached a leadership role.

Cameron Tuesley- Integral Technology Solutions

Cameron founded Integral himself back in 2001 after spotting a segment of the market that wasn’t being serviced well. He says his leadership philosophy of empowering his workforce has helped the company reach the level it is at today.

Edward Singleton – MPA Projects

MPA Projects is one of the biggest names in the Sydney construction scene but it hasn’t always been a smooth ride. So what philosophy did Edward Singleton, adopt in order to help grow the business into the dominant force it is today, making projected turnovers of $80 million.

Erica Westbury – Norwest Recruitment

Having forged an illustrious career in the staffing industry over many years, Erica Westbury, managing director at Norwest Recruitment, certainly knows a thing or two about good people management.

Garry Johnson – Steel Blue

After taking the role in 2009, Garry has been working to maintain the brand’s reputation while also ensuring that manufacturing expansions to Indonesia continue to align with the firm’s goals.

Greville Pabst – WBP Property Group

TEC |Grenville Pabst |WBP Group

Many businesses have been challenged by the changing market conditions, others have thrived and found new opportunities for growth, this has certainly been the case for Greville.

James Kemp- Amicus

TEC member James Kemp Amicus interiors

Stepping into a new role is difficult for any business leader, let alone moving into an industry they have no experience in and one which is constantly evolving. In this situation.CEOs have to think quickly, focus on their team and be prepared to keep learning if they want to grow in the future. This was the situation facing James Kemp from Amicus.

Jeremy Hawkes – Bowhill Engineering

Finding the right approach to goal setting and strategic planning is essential to achieve long-term business success, of which Jeremy Hawkes, Managing Director of Bowhill Engineering is well aware.

Jon Evans – Enablis

Building an effective fast-growing organisation is about people first and foremost. Under Jon’s leadership, Enablis has gone from strength to strength.with a growing network and an enviable reputation.

Ken Collins – Pynenburg & Collins Architects

A strong people-centric leadership philosophy was what enabled Ken Collins, to steer his $3 million company through the recent doldrums in the Australasian building industry.

Miccal Cummins – Gastronomy

Marketing has become an incredibly diverse practice, with a whole range of different points where organisations need to impress customers, clients and stakeholders. For Miccal Cummins and the team at Gastronomy, this importance has been taken right down to the food and service that companies offer in their meeting rooms.

Paul Higgins – Dingo Software

Paul Higgin Dingo Software TEC member

One of the biggest challenges for innovative businesses is taking an idea and translating it into an effective product. For an established organisation, this requires building original thinking into every aspect of the company.

Paul Kahlert All Purpose Transport

So how did Paul manage to lead his company through the GFC storm to the enviable position in which they stand today, turning over revenues of $40 million.

Peter Gash – Lady Elliott Island Eco Resort

This tiny island, which is in reality a cay made of crushed coral and sediment, is located at the southern tip of the breathtaking and expansive Great Barrier Reef. Peter has created an award winning Eco resort that respects and cherishes its local environment.

Peter McClusky- Save Sight Institute

Peter McCluskey - Save Sight Institute case study

Assuming a leadership role can be challenging for anyone, but even more so when the role involves a complete departure from the work they were previously undertaking. Peter is charged with leading the organisation while also continuing to teach and research in the field of ophthalmology.

Peter Mears – Device Technologies New Zealand

Device Technologies first came to life as a company over 20 years ago in Australia. With the New Zealand arm of the business being established in 2000. Managing Director Peter Mears, knows that taking a forward-thinking and proactive approach is the only way to succeed and thrive in any business.

Rob Ashley- PricewaterhouseCoopers

Rob Ashely PwC

Every leader needs advice and support to be sure they are growing their company in the right way. But what if your profession is to help other business owners? For Rob Ashley, this dual role has played a major part in his career.

Robert Cazzolli – D&D Group

Robert azzolli case study

Since 1998, D&D Group has developed from a small family business into an award winning market leader.Despite its ongoing success, like any business, D&D Group was not immune to issues in the wider industry.

Salvatore Malatesta – St Ali Family

TEC Salvatore Malatesta St ALi Family Case Study

The food and beverage market is a tricky one to navigate, especially in a world-class food and restaurant scene like Melbourne. It requires a unique approach to business – the ability to think outside the box and offer something new.

Serina Pace – Pace Lawyers

Serina heads one of South Australia’s top boutique law firms, Pace Lawyers. Having started the practice herself back in 1998, she has enjoyed watching it grow and prosper under her able leadership. Breaking into the heavily male-dominated legal arena was one of the biggest hurdles to overcome.

Succession planning and family business

succession planning family business

The succession planning process is a challenge for an organisation to go through, but especially for a family business, TEC members Andrew Hewison from Hewison Private Wealth and Zina Hopgood from Bev Marks Beds, have seen a successful transition into new roles running a family business.

Tique Bennett- Netcraft Australia

Due to the constant stream of new technologies the IT landscape is forever changing, leaving barely any time for business leaders in the industry to take their finger off the pulse. That’s something that Tique Bennett, Managing Director, knows all too well.

Vicki Warne – AIB Insurance

Vicki Warne, owner and managing director of AIB Insurance, is a shining example of how the best business leaders can successfully emerge from the deepest of crises.

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