CEOs and Founders are often responsible for wearing many hats in their organisation. It can be tough to find the right balance, especially when trying to focus on an innovation mindset. Ben Grozier, Co-Founder and CEO of Classcover, shares his tech start-up story and the insights that helped him pinpoint what his business needed to succeed. Here a few of his insights:

  • It is crucial to build a culture where your people are empowered to say:
    • I was wrong
    • I made a mistake
    • I need help
  • It is my role as CEO, to create intentional context for the company, my team and our stakeholders
  • The key to remaining nimble is reducing barriers and creating a frictionless business

Ben discusses the importance of an innovation mindset and how understanding problems from a customer's perspective is the key to finding the right solutions. He also talks about how 'First Principle Thinking' has allowed his organisation to speed up their pathways to success by stripping down problems, removing vanity metrics and finding unbiased solutions that deliver real value.



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