Over the last twelve months, many businesses were forced to shift their ways-of-working from a traditional approach to something completely different in order to continue to operate. However, as the recent disruption starts to lift, it is time to reevaluate the future of work and design an approach that is both productive and human-centred.

In this TEC Live episode, Maja Paleka, co-founder and director of Juggle Strategies, partner at FlexCareers and consultant at Gemini3, talks about the opportunities business leaders and CEOs now have when it comes to elevating productivity and engaging their workforce.

Maja explains how the future of work is hybrid. And how the power of choice is the key to creating deeply empowered and committed teams. Employees understand that a job still needs to be done no matter the location or time, but through choice and hybrid working, they are entrusted to ask; What am I working on today?, What is the right approach, and who do I need to help get the best job done?

So how do you make it actually work:

  1. Design - you need to design what good looks like to you, your team, your customers and your business.
  2. Co-creation - you need to work with your team to gain commitment and outline how you all plan to make this work.
  3. Accountability - you need to regularly review how the business is performing and evaluate if you are achieving your goals efficiently.

Once your team designed hybrid work strategies are in place, your business will start to see the following benefits:

  • More productive hours
  • Removal of busywork
  • Better outcomes delivered
  • Real trust
  • Greater balance




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