In tough-times, growth comes at the expense of competition. Meaning that to drive sales success in 2021, your strategy and resources need to pinpoint why clients should change where they invest their money. Tony J Hughes, Managing Director of RSVP Selling and Co-Founder and Sales Innovation Director of Sales IQ Global discusses cutting-through with proven strategies for creating new sales conversations with the right people.

The biggest issue facing businesses, leaders and their sales teams is time. Therefore it is critical to understand:

  • who your customer is. You must have a detailed customer persona
  • what are your customers most impactful needs
  • will your service or product make a difference in the lives of your customers 

Tony believes that salespeople are optimistic at heart. But to truly be successful, they need to affirm the organisation's vision and know that it will deliver significant value. Sales in 2021, needs to be based on thoughtfulness. Customers expect more from those seeking to gain their business. With the ease of the internet and development in technology, there are no excuses for not being well informed. It's key to acutely understand clients' expectations and anticipate their needs. Having a strong relationship with your customer/s is how you mitigate against becoming a commodity and strategically drive sales success.  




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