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#85: Unlocking success: Strategic networking with Raj Narayan

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In this episode Raj Narayan, founder and CEO of Emajin Golf, delves into the concept of combining business with a shared passion, in this case, golf. This innovative approach to strategic networking provides a fresh perspective on building authentic and meaningful business connections.

Gain valuable tips on how to build strategic relationships, including the importance of authenticity, the right timing for making an ask, and creating high-value connections. Raj’s RICH referral recipe (Right people, Intuitive environment, Creating a friendly environment, High-value connections) is particularly insightful.

Raj outlines a clear framework for effective networking, focusing on three pillars: access, learn, and grow. This structured approach helps listeners understand how to leverage exclusive opportunities, gain valuable knowledge from industry leaders, and expand their professional network.

Gain new insights and stretch your thinking