Stephanie Reuss and Victoria Stuart, Co-founders & Co CEOs of Beamible (formerly Beam) are helping to move the needle on normalising flexible work places.

Five years ago they created a flexible jobs marketplace called Beam alongside their consulting business supporting flexible work solutions.

After helping to normalise flexible work, they saw the was more work to do. They've shifted their business model to a cloud-based platform solving the next set of flexible work challenges for business leaders, such as burnout, resourcing, lack of visibility and lack of access to real workforce data. It's all about removing barriers to flexible and sustainable working.

A great podcast to listen to on the workplace need for different flexible work options in order for everyone to participate, which adds more value to the business right up to leadership level.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Beam identified the supply and demand issues with flexible work
  • Giving manager tools to map out and optimize a team to include flexible workers
  • How they made the decision to shift the business through client demand
  • Understand the opportunity the new Beamible platform provides



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