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Hosted by: Stephanie Christopher, CEO at TEC

#34: The 3 elements of the COVID vaccine challenge with Jayden Rogers

Join Stephanie as she sits down with business leaders and inspiring guests covering relevant leadership topics that are top of mind for SME business leaders. If you're passionate about growth, looking for fresh inspiration or just interested in what other leaders are doing, then this podcast is for you.

Sven Hansen

#15: What can you do as a leader to get into the right zone and perform at your optimum?

Sven Hansen makes the case that leaders need to make a strategic investments in building their resilience resources.

Mike Logan

#14: Do you have the self-discipline to be really curious?

Mike Logan talks to Stephanie about the challenge for CEOs and Business Leaders to step back from having all the answers.

John Broons

#13: Family business – Where business dynamics meets family dynamics

John Broons, National Family Business Advisor of the Year award winner, helps family businesses build their legacies and reclaim their family lives.

Maja Paleka

#12: Cultivating agile organisations – critical for businesses to survive and thrive in the coming decade

Maja Paleka reveals what organisations of the future will look like and how to get there.

Gary Bertwistle

#11: Intentional – Great leaders build time into their day for learning

Gary Bertwistle has always had a passion for innovation and creativity. His career has spanned the retail, music, media, corporate education and radio industries.

Warren Hogan

#10: Is there a better road ahead in FY 2020 for mid size and small business CEOs and business owners?

Confidence has jumped in last 3 months – This June quarter CEOs and business owners feel the economy has turned a corner

Greg Donlan

#9: Do great sales people have to be born a great sales person or can you train and develop a successful sales person?

Greg Donlan talks about the transformation of selling. He has had a long and successful carer in sales leadership, education and innovation across a diverse range of industries and has seen selling change dramatically.


#8: The future of work is already here! What is an agile workforce?

Victoria Stuart and Stephanie Reuss discuss how successful business leaders are embracing the new paradigm of work and leveraging their competitive advantage.

Ashton Bishop

#7: Customer centricity – How do you surprise and delight your customers?

Ashton Bishop, CEO, Step Change talks about the ‘7 Customer Centric Shifts’ that business leaders need to adopt to become truly ‘Customer Centric’

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