Personal Power – Growing into the Future, TEC Speaker Marcus Child

Marcus Child growing into the futureAre you thinking big? As a leader, are you regularly challenging, engaging and inspiring your people?

Perhaps it is time to take a step back from the business to work on the business;  refreshing your thinking around goals and allowing yourself to grow into the future!

Learn from award-winning TEC Speaker, Marcus Child on how to reaffirm your future direction, realigning your priorities in both your personal and profession life and ultimately your effectiveness as a business leader. This video is for CEOs, business owners and executives that are seeking the leadership behaviours that will enable them to grow the business into the future.

Marcus shares, evidence from research as well as first hand case studies, examples and insights, techniques and strategies that have been witnessed from working with highly successful CEOs, politicians, athletes and entertainers.

This video will equip you with practical tools and techniques to:

  • Attain and sustain peak performance for yourself, colleagues, customers and shareholders
  • Confidently set and meet aspirational goals.
  • Consistently generate high quality energy in the face of the most demanding schedules.
  • Better inspire and excite your people into action.
  • Develop their ability to find creative and innovative solutions to future challenges.